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Compilation Of Topics (Dotd & Rixty Skins)


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I just unite disparate ideas into one place.
Usually people talk about two things:
Please, allow the DotD Lato Skin to be put on the Aklato (Along with the Lato Vandal). 
Lato (ordinary) - the initial stage of the gameplay. Nobody wants to use a single, ordinary Lato in late game. 
Lots of people said about Lato DotD skin: "it should work for my Vandal, AND it should work on my Aklato as well".
I suppose, it doesn't need a lot of work since the vandal/dual version and the basic weapon have the same model. Making the Lato skin work for Vandal and Aklato is basically just a copy&paste. 
Second. (RixtyMOL Aklato Skin)
By analogy with the above described, RixtyMOL Aklato Skin should work on Lato Vandal and ordinary Lato, but in the two variants. On each Lato (Vandal and ordinary) must be have two variant of RixtyMOL Skin (Gold & Orange - right and left pistol in Aklato). It is logical and it is correct. Besides, as I wrote above, it should not require much work (just a copy&paste). 
The Braton DotD Skin works with it's Vandal counterpart. Glaive DotD Skin works with Kestrel. The Lato DotD Skin works with the Lato Prime. Why not bring the idea to its logical conclusion, DE?
Thank you for your attention, I hope you are not too tired my terrible English.


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