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Wisp Augment Ideas/Revenant Augment Ideas


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a few ideas:

Sol Gate Augment - Sol Unleashed: Sol Gate creates a large sun-like Orb that travels forward and lashes out in multiple directions with solar flares that deal heat and radiation damage scaled with ability strength. this makes a version of Sol Gate which can attack multiple enemies at once.

Will O Wisp Augment - Mote Trail: the decoy leaves a trail of small motes in it's wake, one of each type, which are half as effective as a standard Mote, but can be stacked with Standard motes.

Mesmer Skin Augment: - Mesmerize: enemies who attack revenant while Mesmer skin is active will become enthralled instead, and will deal 200% more damage to other enemies.

Reave Augment - Blinding Reave: enemeis who survive reave are also blinded for a duration, leaving them vulnerable to finishers.

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Good ideas, your first sol gate augment might be to close to mirage’s ultimate ability. 

Your last reave augment already exists. 

and your mesmer skin augment seems a bit to basic, all that really does is make enthrall stronger rather than subtly complimenting the use of the ability for itself.

your will o wisp augment might be moot since it is easy for wisp to cast her buffs and they last as long as she has modded for , augments should augment the ability not just cast smaller versions of their other abilities.

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