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Railjack: Gunnery 10 Suggestion


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Instead of having 2 nerfs as an upgrade, being auto-aim and faster overheat, make it something different. I still refuse to re-acquire gunnery 10, and continue to avoid it, solely due to auto-aim.




Why is auto aim bad?

It snaps you onto a target when aiming, with no way to turn it off, and overheats the weapon more, for having no control on which target your aiming at. Enemies often cluster together, making the auto-aim hell when your trying to pick off a specific target. It also prevents you from shooting crewship thrusters, as it'll snap to the center of the ship.


What do we change it to?

The idea i had as an afk turret/auto turret. Essentially, after being in inactive in the turret for 10 seconds, the turret would automatically start shooting on its own. Moving would stop the auto-turret and put you back in control.


This still seems to fit the theme of "auto aim" to me without entirely changing it, and they wouldn't need to make the AI particularly advanced.




Either way, IMO almost anything is better then auto-aim, and its not a problem with how DE does auto-aim, its just auto-aim in general. Imagine trying to shoot 1 specific target, with mesa's 4th active, same problems happen, you can't, not effectively. 

This is just my idea though, I'd be interested in hearing what others would replace it with given the chance to.

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Personally I have not and will not get Gunnery 10, because why would I want my guns overheating more than usual just for some unneeded aim assist? 

If you want a suggestion for replacements for gunnery 10, here are a few:

- Allow usage of Forward Artillery from the pilots seat (to benefit solo railjackers and for general convenience hunting crewships)

- Access to specialized Railjack Turrets/Ordinance/Forward artillery that could be bought from ticker, similar to the specialized crewmates.

-Ability to Overcharge turrets to deal more damage, fire faster, or similar useful buffs. 

-"Synchronized Fire" where all of your turrets boost each other to deal additional damage/multishot.

These are just a few ballpark ideas, but any of them would be better than what we currently have. 

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Just make Gunnery 10 "Press F to swap to Forward Artillery if seat is vacant". Bam, you've now solved every solo players issue with having to jump back and forth between the two seats.

If that's somehow a problem, have Gunnery 10 give you double the guns, or give you unique ordinance, or procc weakpoints on enemy ships, or anything but the double downside it is now.

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