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Bushido Shoshinshu (The Code Of The Samurai) Recruitment.


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Hey fellow Teeno, Adessaa here from Bushido Shoshinshu (BS) letting you all know we are looking for some other teeno to join us. We are currently a Ghost clan but our end object is to grow no larger than a Shadow Clan.

Myself and my clan mate xSilentObilivionx have start`ed a clan together and we would like any other new players to warframe a home to learn more about the game and have other players around your level to play with. 


Both of us are currently un-locking the solar system and enjoying the increasing difficulty. I know trying to solo some of these missions are not easy and if you are looking for others to help you out, or are willing to help others we are a clan that would work for you. 


We dont want to grow too fast as we do not have a dojo completed yet and understand a lot of older players have come to expect this from a clan but it is what we will be working on together as a clan if this is something that interest you, (the building of a dojo).


We understand we both have lots to learn and would be willing accept more experienced members but mostly we would like to offer a home to new players with a focus on building a strong small team of Teeno.


If you have any question please feel free to leave them here or you can add me in-game : adessaa as i am normally on and looking forward to meeting you.


We do not require you to have any mastery rank, but we keep politics and religion out of clan chat and as long as you can too, you will enjoy your time with us at Bushido Shoshinshu

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