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Deadlock Protocol "Use your Xoris to free Solaris captives in Granum Void" has too much Treasurer cheeze.


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Surrounded by forty hostiles, in what amounts to endless waves, and dealing with the Treasurer's cheezy, poorly thought out, SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAD, slow down at range and blow up if you shoot them mine drops makes this mission just frustrating crap. Too much stasis and effect pile on. Its awful. The Treasurer is usually bad enough in a normal mission with this cheeze ability. Here, it is just over kill outright.

Two ways to make less frustratingly bad.

1, Okay, the stupid cheeze mines blow up, but at least also throw his allies as well in friendly fire.

2, Get rid of the ranged slow down cheeze (Or rework duration and effect to not be as intense and long). No really, its awful, its lame, it just makes Treasurer encounters a chore, not fun. And in this mission it is just way worse, and shows how the Treasurer should have not had this proc too begin with.

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I'm more annoyed at the fact that they have a completely inexplicable 1/1000 damage multiplier. That one gimpy accountant thing is tankier than the entire ship's crew put together and there is absolutely no reason why this should be the case. Find one in a kuva flood and it may as well be invincible because it'll actually despawn before you manage to kill the damn thing.

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