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Wisp Augment Ideas/Revenant Augment Ideas


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Sol Gate Augment:

  1. Changes Sol Gate Into a concentrated ball of energy that can be thrown. On Impact causing an explosion and an area of effect. amplified by range and duration.
  2. Changes Sol Gate Into Concentrated Balls of Energy that Swirl Around Wisp and when coming into contact with enemies explode damage enemies in an areas, amplified by range and duration.
  3. Changes Sol Gate to Allow its Element to be changed by Energy Color and Adds Beams that fire in a cone to better protect her from different directions.

Will O Wisp Augment:

  1. Adds An explosion to Will O Wisp upon Teleporting, Damaging enemies and taunting enemies who are not killed by the explosion. amplified by range and duration.
  2. Will O Wisp Attaches to enemies taunting any enemies surrounding the target stunning the enemy and sapping life Wisp can then Teleport to her target for Assassinations with increased damage. This attack is silent and does not alarm enemies.
  3. Will O Wisp Fires multiple wisps that seeks out enemies attaching to them and setting them ablaze with 100% status chance, wisp can teleport to any enemy that has a wisp for the duration of the ability by using the ability again with the enemy targeted. amplified by power strength and duration.

Reservoirs Augment:

  1. Each Reservoir receives an addition, Vitality Mote will, at the cost of itself , revive allies upon death/prevent allies from death once. Shock Mote Now steals the shields of enemies causing your shield to be overcharged. Haste Mote now is overcharged increasing reload speed, projectile speed, punch through and accuracy. Amplified by Power Strength.
  2. Each Reservoirs area-of-effect becomes increasingly more deadly to enemies, Vitality Mote Siphons Health From any enemies who enter and over-heals allies that are equipped with a vitality mote. Shock Mote now turns enemies who enter its area-of-effect into Lightning Rods causing Bolts of electricity to strike them down to the floor. Haste Mote Now has a reverse effect on enemies who enter its radius Siphoning their movement speed , and fire rate, Increasing its effect by the amount of enemies under its effect. Amplified by Range.
  3. Reservoir adds a 4th Mote, Armor Mote, Which adds a an Armor bonus based on Percentage/ Or a flat bonus. Based on Power Strength. And adds Reflective damage to all attacking enemies. Damage reflected is based on Power Strength.


Mesmer Skin Augment:

  1. Mesmer skin can be cast on allies over shielding allies and redirecting damage at 50% to 75%
  2. Mesmer skin Irradiates enemies causing them to attack each other and enthrall each other with an increased rate of damage 100% - 300%
  3. Mesmer Skin creates wells of swirling energy upon killing enemies that Taunts Enemies Causing them to walk directly into those wells and becoming damaged and stunned. Like a Moth into Flame so to speak. (Enthrall Synergy)

Reave Augment:

  1. Changes Reave to be fired at opponents rather than having Revenant travel with the ability. amplified by range and/or duration.
  2. Reave also Disarms opponents that are traveled through and taunts them to attack. (Mesmer Skin Synergy)
  3. Reave can be charged and targeted allowing use in the air, the damage increases anywhere between 200% to 300% depending on the amount of time spent charging. Enemies That aren't killed are Grabbed and gathered at the end of the charge. allowing for ground finishers.
  4. Reave sucks enemies into revenants path allowing for maximum over shielding potential.
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Added Reservoirs Augment.
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