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Aiming a weapon while inside any type of wall or mirror or other area protection frame ability.


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I use an envoy a lot, on one of my frames I subsumed Spectrorage.  In a defense mission I cast spectrorage and while it's active I attempt to shoot, if I shoot without aiming my rocket will pass right through the mirrors without a problem.  However, if I attempt to aim and shoot, my rocket will impact the mirrors instead.

This becomes a problem with playing with other people, Frost, Gara and warframe that uses any ability that creates any type of barrier that normally you can shoot through, you cannot while aiming.

I don't know if this is intended, if so then I apologize for posting and will just say this, it serves no purpose by to cause problems, players don't like playing with others that use abilities that prevent them from playing the way they are used to or enjoy most.  If this is not intended, I hope to make whoever is responsible aware so that this might be fixed in a future update.  It's incredibly annoying.  It makes the guided missile aim option for Tenet Envoy unusable in missions where someone is using this type of warframe ability.  I love the guided missiles, it serves me well, but it's useless under specific circumstances and unfortunately this happens often.

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