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Sisters/Liches as actual proper crew members! Is this still going to happen?


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Feels like an age since Command came out for Railjack, and while I love the system, I gotta ask if the feature that allows Liches and Sisters become actual crew members still coming? Or are they just doomed to rarely be used?

Right now, Converted Sisters and Liches are getting a raw deal still, despite being a bit more useful with the "on call" feature, they don't really offer much of anything but that's another thing completely. 

The only thing I've seen about it was a update on the Trello board for update 30 simply stating: "5/4/2021 Edit:
This is still in the works but requires attention from our animation team who have their eyes set on other top priority tasks!" 

I quite enjoy collecting Liches and Sisters, I have some great ones that I'd love to use as proper crew, but as of right now, normal/elite crew from Ticker just completely outclasses them. 


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