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Velocipod skin makes K-drive unable to grind


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So there's actually an archived thread for this same bug in the PC section if you want proof, but it's exactly as it sounds. As AMAZING as the Velocipod K-drive skins *look*, something in the model makes it so your K-drive can't grind. It makes it much harder to win races and actually maneuver, especially in jagged terrain like Cambion Drift and Orb Vallis. Normally, if you grind on a surface like a rail or pipe, the K-drive will "lock on" to it, and let you grind along the surface for points, while giving you a sort of boost in momentum while you ride the rail. This works on any normal K-Drive and there's even a mod to boost your magnetism making it even easier. Upon applying the Velocipod K-Drive Skin, not only is it almost impossible to get your K-Drive to lock on, but you don't get that momentum boost, leading to a lot of shed tears over failed races, a lot of false starts, a lot of dissatisfying falls off of rails you're trying to grind on, sometimes you'll even just fall *through* the rail. I really need a fix for this, I love my Velocipod, but a skin that makes a vehicle almost unusable for one of its most fun features is just terrible. and again, Velocipods are a *skin*. This isn't a stat thing. The base K-drive is still literally just a K-drive that can grind fine *without* the skin. Can we PLEASE get a fix for this sometime soon, it should be an easy and simple fix that you could slip into any update really. Let my bug ride the rails, please.

Also, someone else already reported this bug on the PC forums and it literally got archived with very little attention, and no fix. Since I'm dealing with the same bug on the Switch, it's reasonable to assume this bug affects all consoles. This bug has gone unnoticed for more than 7 months now, and I'm tired of seeing nothing done about it. Please, if you see this bug report, spread the word. It's time to fix the bugs. As in, like. The gameplay bug. And the literal bugs. They look amazing they just break your K-drive's grind mechanics. Please. I cannot stress this enough, let's get this issue taken care of this time instead of go another 12 months without it even being noticed.

EDIT: Also of note, the magnetism mod for K-drives does nothing to fix this bug. You can't magnetize better to something that the vehicle no longer recognizes as a rail. Furthermore, the lack of the momentum boost from a grind lock on means that sometimes you can land on a rail and think you're grinding, when in actuality the only grinding you're doing is grinding to a halt. I'm tired of landing perfectly on rails with this thing and then slowing to a stop because the skin makes the K-drive somehow unable to recognize rails.

Here is the link to the original archived PC bug report thread as well:


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