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Chroma Rework Idea


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We all love our elemental lizard, but he has fallen from grace. Even with his minor rework, he still fills overwhelming to use. Here are some ideas to improve his kit and make him fill like a master of the deadly elements.


Passive (Major Change)- *When Chroma stays/changes an element from his element wheel, all of his weapons will be granted that element and he gains resistances against that element. (Ex. If he changes his element to ice, all of his weapons will gain ice damage and he will gain resistance against that specific element.)


Spectral Scream (Minor Change)- While the ability is active, Chroma can switch the element of the ability. (Ex. He can change ice breath to electric breath while the ability is active.)


Elemental Ward (Minor Change)- Chroma can reactivate the ability, but costs a little bit more energy if the ability is still active


Vex Armor (No Change) 


*New Ability* Dragon's Cry (Was Effigy)- Chroma sheds his outer scales to unleash an elemental version of his pelt. The pelts Cries out buffing chroma and nearby allies with the element emitting from the pelt. The pelt will follow Chroma around attacking whoever comes close. 

*If Chroma is using the ice element and unleashes his pelt, it would be an ice elemental pelt. If chroma switches his element to electric the pelt will stay ice while Chroma stays electric which would be more elemental devastation to the field.*

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