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Yet Another Valkyr Rework Idea, From a Long-Time Feline Devotee


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You could say I like Valkyr. At MR27, 1250 in-mission hours, Valkyr Prime is my most played with 37% playtime currently; downloaded the game for her, have mained since before I reached The Second Dream. Still love her despite her flaws...but she sure has a ton. Here’s how we could fix ‘em maybe.

1: Pounce. 25 energy. Valkyr pounces up to X meters (range moddable) in the direction of your reticle. If she lands on an enemy she deals a vicious special finisher with her Talons. If she’s not in Hysteria, her Talons disappear right after finishing this action. If in Hysteria, this ability is half cost.

Augment: Valkyr gets a damage bonus that increases to a cap with every enemy subsequently Pounced on (must be an unbroken combo; no Pounces can be missed; combo increase window duration not moddable by ability duration.)

Notes: I think this is more aesthetically fitting than Ripline, and perhaps less janky? But I do apologize to everyone who enjoys the current Spider-Man-esque thrill and/or the ability to troll teammates.

2: Warcry. 50 energy. Unchanged except for lower energy cost, and now recastable mid-ability.

Notes: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

3: Bloodlust. 75 energy. Valkyr shrieks in fury, a radial taunt that causes all enemies in X meters of Valkyr herself (range moddable) to drop their current objective and rush toward Valkyr in a blind rage, attacking her as they run; affected enemies’ movement and attack speeds are boosted by X percent (moddable? Capped if yes). The taunt and all its effects last within the ability range around Valkyr for up to Y seconds (duration moddable); as Valkyr moves, so does the target area. Valkyr deals increased melee damage by X percent (strength moddable) to affected enemies.

Augment: This ability now allows all allies within the ability’s range to also enjoy a reduced version of the innate melee damage bonus; if Valkyr enters Hysteria while in Bloodlust, allies in range also get reduced amounts of her lifesteal.

Notes: Paralysis is so weird and anti-synergy. I tried taking something that still offers radial CC, but works better with her overall synergy and theme. It’s often said she has little to no support options for her squad, so I hope this offers a contribution to that (besides, of course, Warcry). Yes, this is a budget Speedva ability. No spreadability or explosions though, and likely lower base and max (if moddable) enemy speed boost.

4: Hysteria. 25 energy to cast. Same drain minimum (2.5/s), 10/s drain maximum (down from 15/s). Valkyr’s Talons now have 25% base status chance. Talons’ base range increased by 0.3 meters (2.0 meters total). Slide attack now forces slash procs and has a temporarily boosted range (+X meters) à la Keratinos. Heavy attack animations have Valkyr scream and spin in place, launching a radial wave of Talons-generated energy strikes that include forced slash procs (also somewhat à la Keratinos). The increasing radius of the damage accumulation counter now stacks with Bloodlust’s if it’s active (the damage accumulation radius and mechanic is entirely unchanged, but Bloodlust now sits at the edge of the damage accumulation radius as its baseline, and adds its own range to this as a bonus; enemies are now affected by Bloodlust within this extended radius). Ancient Disruptors can no longer drain her energy while in Hysteria.

Notes: This ability is definitely broke as it stands, and not in a good way.

Also, #*!% Ancient Disruptors. I know their energy drain hit is not part of the magnetic status procs they can deal, but I still consider it a special status proc of its own, and Valkyr is by definition invulnerable to all status procs while in Hysteria, so…I call bulls***.

Hope you enjoyed reading, Tenno. Share your thoughts below if you like.

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This might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually like Paralysis and think it should stay in her kit and be improved a bit. Prolonged Paralysis definitely has its fair share of gank, but I like having an ability that completely disables enemies and pulls them to you while basically costing 0 energy. Bloodlust is cool because it makes enemies ignore your allies, but Prolonged Paralysis makes them unable to attack anybody, and I think that's generally better. 

Pounce is an idea I can definitely get behind. I definitely want a gap closer, so I definitely like the idea there. 

I'm not quite sure why Hysteria needs that status buff, especially on the slide attacks. The slide attacks in particular already grind everything in sight into a paste. 

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37 minutes ago, moostar95 said:

reworks aint coming until De feels like they can turn a profit. valkyr and old frames aint getting a rework until after new war. aka god knows when and where. 

Like they always did and still doing with anything out there, especially with weapons. Nerfing old ones to make newer content (or even older "fitting" ones) more attractive (and indirectly forcing players to get into Rivens for weapons on another side when nerfing them).

They won't rework her, despite DE having made a great mistake by nerfing her back then. Some endurance runs I made in the past before her nerf were incredibly fun and enjoyable. Nowadays, I am barely using her.

60-360 minutes (back then) vs 20-40 minutes (Steel Path) today is just how it is for me. Not enjoyable.

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