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Foundry Improvements


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Today during Primetime on Twitch, it was mentioned that the foundry was being worked on to allow players to sell Hounds directly from the foundry for convenience and to improve the experience of dealing with Hounds. Due to the Foundry already being worked on, here's a suggestion for additional changes that could be made to the foundry:

- Allow Tenno to filter out (hide) any blueprints that they have already mastered.
- Allow Tenno to filter out any blueprints that they have already crafted and currently own.

- Allow Tenno to sell any sellable blueprints directly from the foundry menu.
The foundry can be a very cluttered place, especially when you get to the higher MRs and collect a vast quantity of blueprints. While there are some organizational tools in place for sorting and searching, these proposed changes would allow for a much more organized and convenient experience. In addition, all of the features being suggested are already present in other aspects of Warframe! The filtering options can be directly transferred from the Market, and selling is already being implemented for Hounds (so why not apply it to everything!).

Let me know what you think!



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