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Puncture For Sweeper Worth It?



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Seeking Force is only 0.6, and costs 15 points.

that's really hefty considering 0.6 isn't even enough Puncture to reliably Puncture enemies. depending on the animation of the enemy and where a pellet hits, etc - the pellet might not Puncture them. 


so it's a real waste. and a card that expensive NEEDS a polarity to even be used. but it's not effective enough for a polarity for it. so i wouldn't bother. 

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considering how short the range is for carrier (i'm assuming you're talking about carrier), I'd go straight up damage.. You want it to help you CC in close quarters.


Sentinels have infinite ammo so ammo stock not needed is viable. I also think they have no magazine sizes so reloading isn't necessary either.. What i do notice though is fire rate. You can go for that.


EDIT: carrier shotgun fires 2 rounds between attacks. Ammo stock can raise the rounds to 3.


  • The shotgun fires in 2 shot bursts. Both the speed of the bursts as well as the time between bursts can be improved by both Shotgun Spazz and Accelerated Blast. If it kills an enemy, it will immediately shoot at the next enemy, even if this may exceed his normal fire rate. He can kill large groups of weak enemies very fast as long as they do not take more than 2 shots to kill. Using Ammo Stock at 50% will increase the sentinel's attack to a three round burst - wiki


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I haven't put a catalyst or forma'd my sweeper yet, BUT yeah, seeking force for the price just does not seem as worth it as shred alone on a rifle.


I always like stun and or ice on my sentinel weapons.  More than just the killing power it saves me from stuff coming up from a blind side.

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