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Steel Path alert acolyte never spawns in 6~9 min. PLZ DO NOT WASTE MY TIME !!!


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Steel path alert is broken  EVERY DAY.  (match making : solo)

I always do the mission slowly cuz when I play quick, acolyte spawn usually broken.
Why the hell I have to play like this?  this is so stupid. 

Acolyte not spawns after 6~10 min.  so I quit mission, do this stupid things again, acolyte not spawns again. 
this really pissed me off.

thank you for waste my time DE. thank you so much ! :)   


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Those 4-6min for the acolytes to spawn only starts if you're regularly killing mobs during the mission.


P.S. The in game timer is bugged, and now starts counting when you finished your previous mission, instead of when you start your current one. (At least that's how its been showing in the mission complete screen).

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