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Some weapons with stats


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Weapon 1

Name : Goodnight

Faction : Corpus

Type : Primary

Description : The code name of this experimental Corpus weapon is Goodnight, and the name has never been more appropriate. The weapon is apparently a simple machine gun, it shoots energy balls instead of ordinary bullets, but behind the appearance, something always hides. Goodnight has a particular secondary fire, consisting of a targeting laser which when activated, after 2 seconds of continuous aiming, will cause a devastating and continuous laser attack to fall to the ground that can be moved simply by moving the laser pointer. The laser attack is tremendously powerful, but given the intensity of the attack, the satellite that launches it cannot keep the laser active for more than 15 seconds, and for every second of use, the staellite takes twice as long to recover.



Precision : 94

Magazine capacity : 80

Max ammo : 480

Reload speed : 2.4 seconds

Fire rate : 12.00

Trigger : Automatic

Noise : Allarming

Critical chance : 29%

Critical damage : 2.4x

Status chance : 31%

Damage : 40 (35 electric | 5 impact)


Tap alt-fire to change

Charge time : 2.0 seconds (cannot be lowered)

Beam thickness : 7.0 meters

Fire rate : 8.00

Critical chance : 0%

Critical damage : 1.0x

Status chance : 50%

Damage : 1.000 (500 fire | 500 electric)

The damage is increased by 2% total damage x (average enemy level) each time the beam deals damage.

Max beam duration : 15 seconds

Beam cooldown : 2 seconds/1 second of use

Weapon 2

Name : Omicron

Faction : Corpus

Type : Heavy

Description : Created following the designs of the mighty Opticor, this weapon can be considered as a big brother. Omicron shares several features with its little brother, such as very high accuracy and the need to load the shot before firing, but unlike the opticor, the Omicron can be loaded much longer, to fire multiple shots in one. , with impact damage comparable to that of an orbital strike.


Precision : 100

Magazine Capacity : 12

Max ammo : INF

Charge time : 1.7 seconds/projectile

Trigger : Charge

Noise : Allarming

Projectile/Beam thickness : 0.10 meters

Critical chance : 35% +5%/projectile charged

Critical damage : 2.5x + 0.3x/projectile charged

Status chance : 30% + 3.5%/projectile charged

Damage (direct hit) : 1.400 (1000 puncture | 200 impact | 200 slash) + 1.400/projectile charged

Explposion radius : 5 meters + 1 meters/Projectile charged

Explosion damage : 650 (650 magnetic) + 650/projectile charged

Weapon 3

Name : Zanatri

Faction : Tenno

Type : Primary

Description : Bow made with modern Tenno technologies, allows you to shoot very fast arrows able to slice through the air and enemies faster than any other arrow, without having to stretch the string too much. The bow can be overloaded to allow the user to shoot a series of 5 arrows very quickly, but they will be less powerful.



Precision : 16.7

Magazine capacity : 1

Max ammo : 72

Projectile flight speed : 19555 m/s

Charge time : 0.85 seconds

Trigger : Charge

Noise : Silent

Punch trought : 3.5

Critical chance : 40%

Critical damage : 3.3x

Status chance : 25%

Damage : 550 (275 puncture | 275 slash)

Secondary burst

Press alt-fire to change

Fire rate : 5.00

Projectile/burst : 5

Projectile flight speed : 145 m/s

Punch trought : 0.7

Critical chance : 30%

Critical damage : 2.5x

Status chance : 40%

Damage : 300/shot (150 puncture | 150 slash) 

Weapon 4

Name : Obliterator

Faction : Grineer

Type Secondary

Description : Weapon of Grineer origins, it combines compactness and lethality, at the expense of recoil. is a massive gun, which fires equally massive bullets, capable of killing an enemy with a well-placed shot, its bullets are so heavy that they are capable of damaging the body of a cargo ship. Due to the size of the bullets, they are not easy to load into the drum, nor easy to carry, but those few that can be carried are more than enough.


Precision : 100

Magazine capacity : 4

Max ammo : 24

Fire rate : 1.00

Reload speed: 2.7 seconds

Punch trought : 1.5

Trigger : Semi-automatic

Noise : Allarming

Critical chance : 50%

Critical damage : 4.0x

Status chance : 20%

Damage : 700 (500 impact | 200 puncture)

Hits deal triple damage to shields.

Headshots have 50% more critical chance, and 100% more damage.


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i like the sound of the zanatri... kind of a tenno rework on the lenz, but i'd drop the fire modes...

(i have a reload speed fast fire dread and i can see how it would be cool if the full draw did a small burst)

quick fire and burst fire full draw... shoots plasma rails instead of arrows?

and minimal falloff...

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