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Stuck in the loading room between necralisk and cambion drift.


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It only happens after loading into cambion drift, going into the Necralisk, selecting a bounty quickly and going back out into the loading area.
When going into the loading area, the door to cambion drift will not appear, and any enemies that were near the door will be visible (as in right up to the door, or inside the room) from your previous time in the cambion drift.
You can go past the place where the door would be but doing so will just make you fall into the near endless gray void below until you get teleported back to the place you get teleported to when extracting from cambion drift.
You cannot go back into the Necralisk, the door will not open and you will be pushed away from it slightly.
You can also jump out and climb the loading area.
Upon doing so you can walk around on what seems to be where the Necralisk should be, I can see players moving around in that instance as well however I cannot interact with them.
Hope you can help fix this bug as it's happened a few times now,
Lovingly Dozihal.
P.S if you can meet up with me again Steve and take a picture together that'd be great as I seem to have lost the one from Birmingham 2016 :(,

also ask Megan if she's still sticking playstation stickers on players legs for me TY.EtAAjTb.pnglESIvbw.pngXv1JiMo.pngCWbAao0.pngsJzeKn2.png

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