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Void Dash bug on leaving Granum Void


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When farming sis lich on defeating 25+ specters in Granum Void - when I leave Granum Void, if i void dash near the golden hands it restarts the exit from Granum Void where I am respawned at the hands. Or some later time when I am not anywhere near the hands, as in when attempting to reach sis lich, when I do void dash, the game will teleport my operator back to the golden hands, which might be on the other side of the map by then. This often means I can run out of time to get to the sis lich to create lich.

This bug isn't 100% reliable in being able to repeat it, its somewhat random, but it is a frequent bug, not a rare one.
I don't farm sis lich in group, am always solo.

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