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Warframe Concept-Nuclear Soldier: Burgoski


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The Warframe concept is exactly as it sounds, a Warframe focused on radioactive abilities. His Abilities are nicknamed and based off of several nuclear events/accidents such as incidents including the Demon Core, The Anatoli Burgoski incident at Protovinsky Institute, and The Goiania Incident.

he Story of the Warframe is, in short, an Orokin soldier that suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from actions he has done as a Soldier (before he was turned into a Warframe). For This, he was Deemed "unstable" by the Orokin for multiple reasons. One specific reason is that he caused many Tenno to "breakdown" when they attempted to connect to Burgoski. The Described many gruesome and terrible battle scenes along with the intense feeling of "Burning Up", they usually died from radiation poisoning not long after.  The Secondary reason is he would occasionally leak radiation when damaged as intended to hurt enemies, however this would often affect his allies. He was the main source of casualties on both sides of a battle.

I'm Currently working on the abilities but I do have a passive for him

Passive: Has a Meltdown Meter that will gradually increase the more his first three abilities are used and damage he takes. The Higher his meltdown Meter his armor will be lower while he slowly emits radiation damage to everything around him (including allies). When His Meltdown meter reaches maximum, he gains the use of his last ability (MELCOR: which decreases his meltdown meter to 0 and forces him out of meltdown) with increased firerate and critical. While in Meltdown he also emits medium Radiation damage to everything around him, the radiation damage is lower the farther you are. this will also slow enemies, possibly stunning them if they are to close.
Cosmetics- The higher his meltdown is, his "Core" will start to glare blue energy to the point of him emitting blue light.
When in Meltdown mode, he will emit steam and a molten glow. The Player's screen will flash red with sounds of a siren representing a nuclear emergency. The Meltdown meter could resemble a Geiger Counter and make the distinct ticking depending on his radiation levels.
Alternative-The Meltdown meter might be used as an alternative to energy causing careful use of abilities or be locked out quickly. if the Alternative is used, damage will not increase meltdown.

Neutron Flash: Burgoski's chest cavity opens flashing his "Devil Core" at enemies causing intense radiation damage in a small area. enemies will be dazed and possibly collapse on the ground. this could alternatively act more like a Flash Bang. This ability will increase his Geiger Counter. Note: This ability is intended to also effect allies, causing caution in use

Particle Beam or Quantum Ring: This ability is used to resemble protons in a Quantum Accelerator. This has two Variants, Particle Beam is a projective attack that ricochets in multiple directions causing intense radiation on hit while piecing through enemies. The Second version, Quantum Ring, causes a blue particles to circle Burgoski damaging enemies that enter. This heavily increases his Geiger Counter.

Cesium grenades: Burgoski throws a grenade the explodes glowing blue dust, Cesium-137, onto enemies. The grenade does not cause any initial damage but will cover enemies in the dust, causing constant radiation damage and cause them to take more physical (Impact, Puncture, and slash) damage. Burgoski has a medium range of throwing the grenade, while the explosion has a large effect. Note: this ability would be designed to mark even allies, causing caution in use.

Tsar Bravo: Once Burgoski is in Meltdown mode he gains access to Tsar Bravo, a massive nuclear explosion that creates a mushroom cloud. Burgoski seemingly starts covering his chest until he suddenly bursts his chest to the sky, revealing his "Devil Core" in the open while pulsing blue. He create a massive explosion, hurting enemies and allies alike, the deals massive blast damage and covering the area in constant radiation damage. The blast damage will very and how far enemies are from the center of the explosion. He then enters a "cooldown" state the prevents him from using any abilities for a while.

Origin: Burgoski was an Orokin Soldier that was made into a War Hero for completing an important mission. This mission was a suicide mission, his entire squad was killed in the process and he undertook massive amounts of stress and damage. His squads mission resulted the devastation of an entire rebel base along with civilians in the process. His face was used as propaganda for recruitment, however he felt ashamed of the lives he took. No one really saw Burgoski after his Propaganda came out, for he went AWOL but was ultimately captured by the Orokin Empire. He was made into a Warframe so they could continue using his War Hero status to unite the people.

Acquisition: After the Orokin deemed Burgoski as "Increasingly Unstable", the locked him inside an Orokin vault that was secured inside a ship. This Ship was sent out into the void, not to be found until eventually his vault cracked, leaking massive amounts of radiation. The radiation is then picked up by Ordis and the Tenno, which they then discover the ship and that the vault is empty. The Tenno will fight Burgoski several times, each revealing a vision of his origin (primarily his suicide mission), which causes severe radiation burns. This would be similar in the event of pursuing Excalibur Umbra. He seems to be in his Meltdown state during this event. He eventually is calmed by the Tenno allowing a end to his misery (Perhaps the Tenno could chose to kill or spare him giving two different rewards. Probably either his weapon blueprint or all of Burgoski's  parts' blueprints)



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