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Warframe concept- The Cursed Knight: Lupin/Garm


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Lupin/Garm, The Cursed Knight
Inspirations/references: Beauty & The Beast, Berserk, Werewolves/White Wolf, French knights, Celtic werewolves
Primary Role: Tank
Secondary Role:Support/DPS
Concept: The seemingly bland Warframe called Lupin carries a Cursed sheild, which is the source of his abilities (like wukongs staff or excaliburs sword).
The Shield has looks of being deteriorated and holds a symbol(saint symbol), which will gain curse counters when under certain circumstances.
When Curse Counters reach a certain threshold, the symbol on the sheild will spread all over the left arm of Lupin like the Infestation, turning it into a claw.
when the Curse Counters reach the next threshold, Lupin goes his beast form which mimics that of a werewolf. All abilities are replaced with new ones and changes his secondary role.
Lupin's Beast Form is active until he is knockout/killed causing the player to have to die to return to support role.
The beast form abilities focus on Fear, Viral, and a specialized curse status.

Battle Cry/Brooding Howl: Lupin bashes/bangs his shield with a shout to gain the attention of his Allies assailants. 
Battle Cry gives Lupin Overshield and causes all enemies in the area of effect to focus on Lupin.
The Battle Cry Ability also gives him and his allies temporary Armor Buff.
The Beast stands on it's hind legs with it's head pointed towards the sky and releases a blood curdling Howl. Infestation Spores are visible. Brooding Howl is the beast variant of Battle Cry.
All enemies in Area of Effect will gain the fear status effect and take minor Viral Damage.

Rally/Herd the frail: Lupin digs his shield into the ground creating an area in which his allies gain overshield, armor, and reload buffs. This Ability can be deactivated early
Enemies killed inside the Rally point will feed the Shield giving it Curse Counters. The Rally area is signified with an energy circle, however the more curse counters will show the circle fill with infestation.
The beast tilts it's nose upwards, sniffing out the weak and infected.
Herd the Frail is the Beast Variant of Rally. Herd the frail will mark and highlight enemies in the area with Viral or fear.
These Marked enemies will supply The Beast with health when killed and gives him a temporary Viral melee damage buff.

NOTE: Abilities and Drawing are a Work in Progress.

Edited by (PSN)Don_Coyot
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