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But can you guys imagine tho raknoid pets following you around based on the different orb mothers??? And should definitely be a reward or drop from the 3rd orb mother when implemented. They should also Probably just a little smaller the size of the Aurax Raknoids in Railjack.

here are a few of my ideas-

EXPO Raknoid Model (Exploiter Orb)

A shield based Raknoid with the coolant headpiece of the coolant raknoid but look like the exploiter

A Defence Precept Mod - Where when shields are under 30% it releases freezing air to freeze/cc nearby enemies and go in a state of charging overshields like the kyta raknoid.

An Attack precept Mod - where it shoots an ice beam like the verglass that turns into a flamethrower that deals significantly more damage if it’s shields are lowered or the raknoid is under the magnetic status affect.

A Utility Precept Mod -where it shoots coolant at the player periodically cleansing status affects and giving shields ( and health only if the frame has no shields)

PRFT Raknoid Model (Profit Taker)

An Armor based Raknoid with a turret on its head like the profit takers attack that unveils it and has the same aesthetic.

A defence Prececpt Mod - kinda like the Profit takers where the Raknoid when under 30% health chooses a specific physical damage type Slash Impact or Puncture which is shown as a symbol on the raknoid) and only that damage type will harm it and is nullified to all other types of damage and status conditions respectively. ((not as overpowered as u think as enemies all deal IPS they will just deal significantly less damage as it’s a single type now))

An Attack Precept Mod- where the raknoid will shoot from its turrets and deal fire damage - kinda basic I know 😭 but the only other I see on it attack could be the magnetic ring the profit taker has that could also de-buff enemies.

A utility precept Mod - where when the owners WARFRAME health falls under a certain percentage it will fire a pylon that when a the WARFRAME stands in it it’s given complete immunity (no health Ragen however) this should definitely be balanced with a short duration and a another mechanic for example the PFT Raknoid must sacrifice half its health to do so.

I’ll leave any damage scaling  properties or Actual figures to the professionals ofc I just wanted to share.

The Third Raknoid Pet is completely up to and how the Boss fight goes.

I really love the corpus raknoid enemies I mind control them with nyx all the time just see what it’s like  to have them as a companion 😭 I hope this is considered. Sheldon and Geoff are really good at making amazing pets like the Moa’s and Hounds.

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Really excellent idea and why not make them compatible with robotic mods like ammo pickup. However raknoid companions shared the same flaw as Hounds Deimos animals Kavats and Kubrow that the enemy will Target them first which is not shared by sentinels as they are ignored.

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