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New Warframe Concept -Vulcan Frame-


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Vulcan- The Smith Frame


Description: Made from Heavy molten steel, He annihilates his enemies with a focus of melee combat. He might be slow and heavy, but don't be on the end of his blades. 


Design: What i'm thinking he should look like is the old medieval jousting armor with the FrogHead Helmet. The metal on his skin should be twisted inside of him and have some parts slightly glowing by the molten metal. He would also have a wide but small tattered cap on his back hiding a large anvil made of his skin. 


Passive (Master Weaponsmith)- This frame has 3 Mini-Exalted Melee weapons and 1 Mega-Exalted Melee Weapon. He can replace his primary, secondary, and melee weapon with the 3 Mini-Exalted weapons. If he doesn't equip any of the Mini-Exalted weapons he gains a 30% Armor buff, but is 30% Slower. If he uses all the weapons he has a 30% armor debuff, but is 30% faster and does 15% more damage with all four weapons. 


Exalted Weapon 1 (Storms Legion) [Whip Weapon]: Being the lightest of the four weapons, this status focused whip slashes and shocks enemies to death. With every hit landed by the whip, it will chain lightning to nearby enemies.  {Electric Weapon}

Exalted Weapon 2 (Harbinger of Souls) [2-Handed Scythe]: A Scythe like no other, this weapon Slices through its enemies and drags them down to the darkest pits of the universe. Killing enemies with the heavy attack will reanimate them and have them fight for you, but you can only have 2 at a time. {Toxic Weapon}

Exalted Weapon 3 (Ocean's Wraith) [2-handed Spear]: The ocean is as cold as ice. Similar to a fishing spear but not intended for fish. It has new prey on the menu. You can't block with the weapon, but you can throw it. Where ever the weapon lands, it will create a field of ice that freezes targets and damages them over time. {Ice Weapon}



Exalted Weapon (World Destroyer) [Heavy Hammer]: The Heaviest weapon out of the 4 and too heavy for anyone else to wield it. Slow and sluggish, but whatever comes close will be destroyed. Each swing with this weapon throws out a wave of fire and lava that burns anything that is touched by its flames. {Flame Weapon}


Ability 1 (Whirlwinds Eye): Vulcan grabs his melee weapon and spins around in a circle pulling enemies closer and cleaving anything in his path. Using any of the Mini-Exalted Weapons will create an elemental version of the ability, but drains 1.5X more energy every second the abilities active. Using the Mega-Exalted weapon will Create a Gigantic version of the ability, but drains 2.0X more energy every second. 


Ability 2 (Molten Repair): Vulcan Repairs his damage armor by reforming them with extra metal. With no Exalted Weapons equipped he will gain a 20% damage reduction. Depending on the weapons he brings he will loss the flat reduction buff and gain it for the weapons. Having multiple will reduce the power of the combined ability more, but retains some of the resistances of the primary damage types. Ex. Say you use the Ice weapon and the Toxic weapon, when you pop the ability you will gain resistance to viral, but still retain some resistance against toxic and ice damage.


Ability 3 (Portable forge): Vulcan rips a piece of his steel flesh and infuses it into his melee weapon buffing its damage for a period of time. Using it on the Mini-Exalted uses 1.5X Energy, on the Mega-Exalted uses 2.0X Energy. 


Ability 4 (The Big Bang): Vulcan's Anvil charges up and creates a large handle creating the Mega-Exalted Weapon. Vulcan grabs it and charges up for a couple of seconds. After that he slams the Weapon on the ground creating a large explosion and burning the area with a large AOE and then is able to wield it for a period of time. If he uses the Mini-Exalted, the Mega-Exalted weapon will infuse the weapon inside adding damage and the damage type it was, but doing that increases the cost of energy and the amount of time to wait for the weapon to be charged. 


I know it's a lot to take in, but this bring up a new idea for the next frame.

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