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Nechromech becoming frozen in Neptune Proxima - Sisters of Parvos Confrontation


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While running the Neptune Proxima mission to finish my sister, I was in my Necramech (Bonewidow) and dashing forward when the cutscene triggered for a sister.  When the cutscene ended my Necramech was floating and the lights for the dash were still infront of my Nechromech along with the sound playing, but my Necramechwould not move, I could not Transfer out of the Mech.  My only option was to abandon the mission and start again.  This happened to me two missions in a row so seems easily repeatable.  I did attemp to use /Unstuck both times, and it stated 'You have been unstuck!' but did not change anything about my Necramech or ability to transfer out.

  • How can this bug be reproduced?
    Be dashing when the Sister cutscene triggers
  • Can you provide your build and game settings?
    • Not sure if it matters but -
      • Necramech Steel
      • Necramech Augur
      • Necramech Repair
      • Necramech Pressure Point
      • Necramech Rage
      • Necramech Rebuke
      • Necramech Reach
      • Necramech Redirection
      • Necramech Intensity
      • Necramech Vitality
  • What kind of squad were you in? Solo, host, client?
    • Squad, once as Client, once as Host
  • Can you share any images or a video of the bug?
    • Was not capturing but if I do another sister soon I will try to capture video.
  • Making sure the issue still occurs in the game's current version is important so that we can be sure we aren't chasing old issues.
    • This was done tonight in the most recent version of the game
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