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[PC][CLAN][INT] VOID SECTOR TENNO R10 MOUNTAIN CLAN: Looking For Tenno Of All Types From Casual To Hardcore


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NOTE: This clan is for PC! As of now, Console players cannot be in a PC Clan!
We are Void Sector Tenno. We wish to expand our community with motivated, active players and become even greater. We hope to have a clan that is both full of all types of players and a consistently active community so there's always those who can help whomever is in need, or even just make for friendly conversation. We don't expect anything from our recruits, (i.e: mastery, play time) All are welcome to join our cause.
We are as of now, we are a relatively smaller clan, but have amassed a respectably sized community of active players, and we've all worked very hard to have accomplished many with almost all research completed, missing only some color pallets and the Hema of course, but slowly we've been expanding our clan and have even become part of a rather sizeable alliance! We also have our Drydock complete, Bash Lab, and even a Discord full of tips, builds, memes and events/giveaways!
That being said, we are in need of players willing to contribute in any way, not only in resources, but in recruitment. We don't expect contributions, but often players are rewarded for their help, and anyone in our clan has the ability to recruit, so feel free to invite friends or whomever you meet as well. We hope to one day become a large clan with a consistently active and helpful community for all types of content. If you wish to be a part of this journey, join the Void Sector Tenno today!
Many ways to join, just know if you are in a clan already, you will need to leave your current clan before you can be invited.
{Method 1: Discord}
you can join our clan discord via this link: https://discord.gg/KdxNJ3bMSf and send message in the community-general chat asking for an invite and your in-game name, and someone will take care of you as soon as possible.
{Method 2: In-Game.}
message either one of the following in game chat to message one of our head members depending on availability.
/w VisualRhythm /w DragonzGirra /w MerPhag
Example: /w VisualRhythm Hi. I am interested in joining void sector tenno! could you please invite me to the clan?
{Method 3: Forums} Reply to this post requesting an invite, and be sure to include your in game name and we'll respond as soon as your invited.
Thank you for expressing interest in Void Sector Tenno. Hope to see you all out there!
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On 2021-09-12 at 1:52 PM, Evasii0n said:

If theres still spots


IGN: TG133  Old player starting new account to get back into the game 


8 hours ago, Kaizori said:

Hello, I'm interested in joining the clan

IGN: Kaizori

Apologies if it's for my lateness, but you 2 are both currently in clans, and if you still wish to join, you'll need to leave those clans

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