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Volt 2.0


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Hi, I'm taking the liberty of re-creating Volt, changing him from something rather bare bones and barely functional to something spectacular. You may not agree it's a spectacular, but I will find a way to convince you all that this is a great idea for Volt. With that out of the way, let's get started.


Main Goal: To make Volt an actual alternative to gun play.


So here we go. Big changes ahead. And yes, these are HUGE changes!



Volt in Combat


1. Volt gains optional Exclusive weapons that work around his power set. 

Reasoning: There's no point to calling him an alternative to gunplay if you're going to use guns with him anyway. 


Primary: Channeled Lightning. (Consumes 5 energy per clip of 40)

Pretty much the same thing as the Synapse, but has even more damage capability through being linked to the rest of his new power set. 


How is this NOT going to be OP? Simple. In order for it to outclass the Synapse, it has to work with the rest of his skill set in order to attain maximum damage output. We'll get to that in a minute.


Properties: Deals initial electric damage while creating a DoT effect that deals fire damage. Has a moderate crit rate with moderate crit damage, except on the DoT effect meaning the initial damage is the only one to benefit from it.


Secondary: Pulse Blaster (Consumes 3 energy per shot)

This one is a bit more tricky. Instead of firing a continuous stream, this weapon fires physical impact shots of concentrated lightning. Think... Psychic Bolts for now, at least in appearance.


Properties: Deals physical impact damage. 


Melee: [Place extremely cool and simple name here]

Properties: Volt concentrates electricity in his hands creating Katar daggers. Deals Serrated Blade damage on normal and charge attack. This has a 100% chance to stagger all enemies that can be staggered. Also deals 10% of the base damage dealt as electric damage.


How is this going to work and be balanced? See the next change.


2. Volt now uses his own energy pool as ammunition for his new exclusive weaponry.

Reasoning: Think of it as the traditional mana resource for mages in other games.

How is he going to be able to always use his skills? Simple. The next change tells you.


3. Volt can now go up to any security console or dead enemies and suck out whatever energy is still in their bodies by going up to them and pressing X. (Volt will hack a terminal if lock down is engaged instead of sucking the energy out of it first.) Inspired by inFAMOUS's energy drawing mechanic.


4. Volt's getting new Warframe skills.

Reasoning: Volt's current power set is half good. Time to make it more powerful with functionality that makes it feel good and feel fun to use.


a. Volt's new 1 skill: Rail Cannon (25-50 energy)

Properties: Shoots a heavily concentrated high velocity blast, dealing serrated blade damage in a narrow line. Holding down 1 will allow Volt to charge the blast which enables him to deal more damage. This ability has innate puncture and travels about 100 in-game meters. The actual blast radius is a little bigger than the Lanka's projectile.


b. Volt's new 2 skill: Accelerate (50 energy)

Properties: The same as his current Speed ability, only it increases casting speed of abilities and increases firing rate of all weapons. It's also a change in name because Speed is a stupid name.


c. Volt's new 3 skill: Energy Wall. (75 energy)

Properties: It's basically his Electric Shield, only now its size is increased by Stretch. It also has different additive properties on Volt's weapons and abilities. Shooting Rail Cannon through Energy Wall will now fling enemies that are in the direction of the blast as well as amplifying the damage like it does now. Shooting Channeled Lightning through the shield makes the attack hit-scan with infinite range. Shooting Pulse Blaster through Energy Wall causes the projectile to knock down enemies.


Also it's a name change. Electric Shield doesn't do its properties any justice.


d. Volt's new 4 skill: Blasting Zone. (100 energy)

Properties: Volt fires off a barrage of electrical bolts in every direction. These projectiles seek targets, dealing Serrated Blade damage on contact. If the enemies are behind cover, the projectiles will NOT hit their targets.


5. Volt's energy pool is being boosted.

Reasoning: There's no point in a fun yet devastating power set if you don't even have the resources to use it.


Volt's new energy pool: 200 energy at rank 30, increased to 500 energy with a maxed Flow mod.







Alright, that's it. Volt 2.0. Sounds OP as hell, but you can make anything sound OP by using the right words.


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+1, this sounds amazing. Apply proper balancing to it, and it should be fine. I don't think he needs special melee weapons, though, since it's all about "alternative to gunplay." The melee sounds cool but a bit unnecessary. Consider taking it out to give the devs a little less to work on.

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Love the idea, very well thought out and would be amazingly fun and unique to have him like that. That being said it will never happen (as much as i wish it did) fact of the matter is volt will probably always be a low tier frame since all his damage is electricity and thats only really good against corpus the rest it sucks against them. not to mention his overloads animation is so god awful and long that hes more likely to die using it than to have a devastating affect like other aoe ulti's like nova, ember, frost and bansheee to name a few. I mean imagne making overload a combo of nova and loki's ulti. primes an enemy weapon with electricity so the next time they fire it bursts into a lightning blast that chains and disarmes them.

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I'd really like to know why whenever someone comes up with an awesome idea that those awesome ideas "will never happen." Nothing about the changes are that hard to code for. In fact, a lot of these abilities are simple re-skins of existing skills and weapons compiled together to make Volt look awesome, feel awesome, and be awesome. 

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