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Client Starts Profit Taker When Host is Loading to Fortuna = Host Stuck In Elevator Forever


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Been having this "Stuck in Elevator Loading" bug after finishing Profit Taker missions. This bug is easily repeatable.

  • I was farming credits in profit taker missions with a squad (it was a weekend cred event)
  • Was using Chroma Prime, Zenith, Kuva Nukor, Plague Kripath Zaw.
  • Graphical settings set to High. i5 6600K and GTX 1070.
  • I've no recording of it, sorry.
  • I was a host of the mission.

Here's how it happened.

  1. Squad finished killing profit taker and return to elevator (to Fortuna).
  2. When loading in elevator, Host ALWAYS be the last to return. While the order of other squadmembers' return depends on their PC and internet connection.
  3. First squadmember to load in Fortuna quickly start a new Profit Taker Mission.
  4. Doing so will cause loading bug on other squadmembers who are still loading in the elevator (returning to fortuna).
  5. Host will be the first one to suffer when it happened.
  6. Aborting Mission in elevator is impossible, host is forced to use ALT-F4, rendering rewards null and void.

Interestingly, this bug can also happen if a squadmember quickly starts another mission while others are returning to orbiter.

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