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Why haven't we gotten prime archguns yet?

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The analytics probably show that people don't use Archguns much. It shouldn't be any surprise as to why: Summoning a heavy weapon during a normal mission doesn't give you a massive jump in power, yet you give up access to your secondary and melee weapons.

Beyond that, what do we need it for? To destroy a Profit Taker leg that we already destroy in one second? To one-shot an Eidolon part that we already one-shot? To kill enemies in a normal mission in a second or two, that we already kill in a second or two, without having to sacrifice the use of our other weapons?

DE already tried to make Archguns more mandatory with Orhpix missions, but at this point Necramechs just don't appear to be as enjoyable as actual Warframe is for players (anecdotally based on squads playing the mission). 

My hope is that they don't take the easy route of forcing the use of Archguns through some arbitrary mechanic in which only Archguns can do damage to something for some arbitrary reason. It doesn't really work well and generally doesn't seem to be received well (Orhpix). There are much better, organic methods to increase Archgun popularity.

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Passing by to say: I think The hate archwing gets is mostly because the "hatters" yell louder. This and mostly the level design on archwing missions. 

I like archwings and using them on open world missions. The sad part is that most of their base status, abilities and mods are underpowered. Wish they received some buff and love so I could actually feel like a pilot in worlds or in skirmish missions. Enjoy using my odonata Prime on cetus, and wish elytron abilities could do any relevant damage lol


The archguns are cool too, tough most are underpowered and its a shame we cant use them while on open world archwings. 

Archmelee... Well I like The concept and weapons but everyone know it needs some reworking. 


Hell I even have fun while kdriving and using secondaries, wish we could use the k drive efficiently to kill enemies 🤣


Maybe its because of some psychological condition I get so much fun with Warframe gameplay. Well, Those are my 2 cents and ps: if my sentences doesnt feel natural its because english isnt my native language. 

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If they ever add any primed archwings or archwing weapons I hope they are just added into the game in an update and don't take up a slot in a prime access. IMO that's what they should have done with Magnus and Strun since Nidus already has two signature infested weapons. Now we are at that point where every prime frame going forward will have a signature weapon so I think things like archwing items and OG weapons that don't fit with a particular frame that never got a prime should only get prime variants if they are just added in an update.

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vor 5 Stunden schrieb FishMcCool:

If we're wishing, I wish for a Prime Imperator Vandal. 😍

Vandal is technically an upgraded Corpus variant, so a new Imperator would be an Imperator Prime. I wouldn't mind an Imperator Prime, even if we already have an upgraded variant. But lately I got the sinking feeling that a prime arch gun won't even happen with Hildryn Prime's debut. Even if it would be  a lost opportunity to give us a Larkspur Prime.

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Dunno why people are saying they're some oddity when Railjack, Necramechs, and Orb Vallis all revolve around archgun use. 

Main issue is they were intended for their own isolated content and now need to have a broader useage. Doesn't help that it's broken half the time. The loss of functionality bug began when they introduced it as a deployable. Another issue is a pistol can out DPS a heavy minigun and is faster too. If archguns ignored armor or some enemies invincibility mechanics that'd be a start. 

And archwings are stuck in a rut of all being useless except for Amesha. Haven't used Itzal ever since they gave it a crappy grappling hook and called it a day. Elytron is underpowered. Odonata I don't even know why you'd use it. 

But as for why they don't just prime one....how do they figure what to prime in the first place? Did anyone want Strun Prime? It has 2 other versions already which are now useless unless the bonuses on Rivens boost them that much. And Lich weapons are better than everything else in the game. 

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On 2021-09-06 at 12:09 AM, Tesseract7777 said:

They probably fear it wouldn't be a particularly popular choice. Since Odonata Prime I don't think they've tried to prime an archwing item? 

I don't think DE will prime any archwing in future duo to upcoming modular archwing system



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