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kuva lich bug


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I use requiem ultimatum in the mission and want to shut down the kuva lich. But a bug occur, even I choose the correct mods and they are in  correct permutation , the system doesn't judege me killed the lich. The lich appear as invincible.(the HP bar of lich is gray)

This bug make me use one more requiem ultimatum. This bug has occured so many times. But this time it make me lose a requiem ultimatum, so i decided to post it.

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This just happened to me, i got the right combination, but lich did not die, i did not get the option to kill or spare and lich is now alive

In addition to that, I now do not have any missions to kill him in, all lich missions are gone from star chart, now i'm stuck

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1 hour ago, LillyRaccune said:

"Your lich flees to the Saturn Proxima"

"Seek your adversary in the Proxima region"

^^This means: go to the railjack mission on Saturn.

Thanks, got it done, i literally had no info show up to go somewhere etc, he just got up and was immune to all my attacks, but wasn't attacking back either.... just frozen solid

anyways got it done, thanks again

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My lich just fled to Saturn proxima, and unfortunately that last lich ground mission used up the last charge on my last Vome mod.  I ran out of relics with no luck getting Vome, and I do not want to spend plat on it because that's just ridiculous.  Do I need to somehow find another Vome before being able to finish my lich in space, or is that not an issue?  

EDIT: OK, no need for more mods in space.  Weird how difficult it was to find that information, I guess I was supposed to rewatch all the dev streams to find out.

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