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Give Repair Dispensary a hold charge to use.


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It needs one of those crosshair charge meters that you have to fully hold to deploy.

I'm tired of starting a mission where I tap dispensary only for it to deploy the sentinel repair one because the server things I held the button instead of tapping it.

I have a specific build that requires me to have a sentinel as part of it and it's built around Repair Dispensary. Issue is at the start I have to wait till I have enough energy to deploy the dispenser to get going. So please can you add a safety net so the wrong one doesn't deploy and short stop my run from the start?

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22 minutes ago, (PSN)Madurai-Prime said:

In your controller settings, you can decide if you want it to be hold or press.

I use PC, Mouse and keyboard. And this isn't about switching between hold and press. This is about the game seeing my press input as a hold sometimes and messing things up. I will give a brief tap of the key and it will mistaken that tap as a hold and deploy the sentinel revival protocol instead of the resource dispensing protocol.

And if its not clear what i mean by a charge meter thing about Ember's fireball and Vauban's Tesla charging.

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