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Inconsistent Sprint for Yareli While on Merulina


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I have been using Yareli for my main frame for the last few weeks and have noticed that sometimes the Shift to sprint function occasionally doesn't work correctly while on Yareli. Sometimes I have to hold Shift for 1 or 2 seconds before the actual speed boost happens. Sometimes the sprint just doesn't work at all. I haven't noticed any systematic conditions that cause this bug to happen. It is worth noting that the bug is recoverable in terms of the Sprint will start working correctly again later on in the mission. I do not think I have had the Sprint break and stay broken for a whole mission. 

I've created another post about held object bugs, but I also noticed in my last mission that I wasn't able to Sprint on Merulina at all while holding a Void Key for a Void Sabotage mission which may be a separate bug or it may be related to this one.

Thanks for looking into this!

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Update: I have figured out at least part of what is causing the Shift button speed boost to break on Merulina. In the Simulacrum I have found that jumping and firing in the air while on Merulina breaks the sprint. Once you land, the Shift button will do nothing until you jump again. This is fairly problematic since I tend to do a lot of jumping and raining down fire on enemies. For reference I am using the Sporelacer kit gun with Yareli. 

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This is the only thing that actually breaks my ahk script for toggling sprint.

Game stops caring about logical and physical states of a sprint key. In order to make it work again you need to jump (fast way), shoot (slow way) or jump off Merulina (weird way).

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