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Railjack electrical hazard tactical bug


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Was with 1 player and 2 AI crewmates, everything works fine until bug is triggered, when railjack is affected with a electrical hazard, everything works as intended BUT when it is fixed by one of my crewmates, when I try to spectate the other player, the screen completely freaks out flipping between normal view and the electrical hazard error at a extremely fast rate, also when this triggers, using the omni to warp does not display the warp effect or show a timer but still warps you anyway also, cannot warp to other player or deploy remote support(not 100% sure, didn't try). I don't have any pictures or vids but this can be replicated with at least 2 players and a AI prioritizing engineering fixing an electrical hazard, if possible, please fix this as fast as possible because the glitch may hurt people sensitive to flashing lights. Thank you for reading.

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