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So uh.... >.> could we get a racing minigame in the load screen?

(XBOX)Architect Prime

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That would be pretty epic.

I imagine they don't put it because maybe with the minigame the loading screen could get a bit longer.

But it would really be nice if they did. Total we already have the ship on the loading screen and on top of that we can move it, only those details would be needed.

(It would probably be good if we had the option instead of it being mandatory, since not everyone is doing well with the game and, because of connection issues, I imagine that the ships of others would be seen teleporting from one place to another, for what to activate "the option" of the minigame, would remove to see the ships of the others.)

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That sounds really fun,

Its one of those things though where the imagination can go wild with fun ideas but its heavy on resources to achieve the vision. Man, makes me wish K-drive was more fleshed out like F-zero GX on gamecube or the Crimson moon races in starlink: battle for atlas.

They've given us fishing, music, flappy bird minigames. Why not give us a full galactic experience of racing minigames.

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