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Micro Studders when spawning on-call crewmates


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I've noticed I'll micro studder ONLY when summoning in the on-call crewmate - or i've seen it occasionally when swapping to a config when editing a frame or wep.

Quick PC Specs:

  • I have 2 gigabit fiber network connection
  • Evga 3080 ti card
  • Amd ryzen 7 5800X
  • Latest drivers (471.96) 
  • Full PC Specs: https://imgur.com/a/liQaaus

This happen for everyone when summoning them? 

Attempts to fix:

  • Using a GSync monitor - set to exactly refresh rate of monitor (165hz), issue persisted
  • Optimized & Verified my download cache, issue persisted
  • Its also installed on a SSD. 

This a known issue?


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