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Vazarin instant revives not counting towards revive achievements


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(Ignore the tag that I am required to select. Just chose one to be able to post)

Alright, so basically on Steam I have one more achievement. Cheater of Death which is 1000 revives. Decided I would use Vazarin because instant revives is better right?

Well about a month ago I noticed revives not adding up. From in mission -> stat page -> challenge progress. Last night being the most noticeable. Revived 3 people in a fissure, 0 counted. I don't know when it actually started and haven't seen other bug reports from searching.


I realize most people don't care about achievements or even pay attention to them but it's giving me a goal to work towards. 

Now on to today. The best way for me to get a video was to have a friend intentionally be downed and let me revive. It's a 6 minute video, but I'll include timestamps. 

The general breakdown is I would use Vazarin revives up, I did some while in frame and the others while in operator. Then once frame instant revives were used up, I would go with regular ones. Can you guess which ones counted and which ones didn't?


  • Use Vazarin. It's that simple. Doesn't matter if I'm host or not. Doesn't matter if it's a fissure, regular mission or Profit Taker. Vazarin is the only common thing with all of them.


  • 0:19 - Check challenge tab. 729/1000. 
  • 0:35 - First instant revive using frame.
  • 1:31 - Second instant revive using frame.
  • 1:42 - Third Instant revive using operator
  • 1:59 - Fourth instant revive using operator.
  • 2:09 - Fifth instant revive using frame.
  • 2:22 - Checks mission stats. After 5 Vazarin revives 0 counted.
  • 2:29 - Sixth instant revive using operator.
  • 2:47 - Seventh instant revive using frame. Frame ones are all used up.
  • 3:47 - Eighth revive, first regular using frame.
  • 3:59 - Check mission stat again. "Revives 1"
  • 4:19 - Ninth revive, second regular using frame
  • 4:29 - Mission stats, "revives 2"
  • 4:52 - Tenth revive, third regular using frame.
  • Portion of video sped up to get to the end
  • 5:31 - Missions done. Final tally? 3 revives. The 3 where Vazarin wasn't doing them instantly. 
  • 5:39 - Challenge tab shows 732/1000 now.

3 month update: 

Sitting at 780 revives now, Vazarin still doesn't count. No surprise there. I'll delete the video since this part of the forum goes unnoticed. 

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