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Weapon Designs [With Drawings]


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dentincyst, heavy infested version, appears to have a mouth for a barrel, its teeth dirt and sharp some black ready to fall right out, smashs its jaws together forcing its teeth to fly out of its mouth with force, 32% chance to fire black teeth which deal a forced gas proc per tooth (pallet).
32 Pallets base, has only slash damage no other damage types. 

dentincyst nightwave augment: gingicytis, per hit +100% status chance on next shot. enemies explode on death dealing 32 gas damage (+32% enemy max health) in a 32 meter radius (forced gas proc, stuns player).

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3 hours ago, Afkybnds said:

Some weapon designs with different themes


Look cool, the Detron looks like it would shoot some sort of ionized toxic blob as projectile, the Pistol looks like it has some attachment to the tip to increase power.

I would however switch the Flamethrower and Rifle's place as the Flamethrower looks more like a Rifle and the Rifle looks more like a flamethrower that would launch some corrosive spray.

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