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Merulina Sometime Falls Through Elevators in Void


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I've noticed that sometimes when using Yareli on Merulina that I fall through elevators. I'm not 100% certain, but I think it happens when trying to ride up on elevators in the Void tile set as a Client. I'm able to get on the elevator with the rest of the squad, but then as soon as somebody hits the button and the elevator moves up I will fall through the floor. I think this has to do with Merulina registering the moving floor of the elevator for hovering. When I run into this situation, I try to hit Crouch to plop Merulina down to make direct contact with the floor. I don't think I've fallen through the elevator when doing this, but sometimes my squad mates will activate the elevator before I can do it. 

On a possibly related note, it's difficult to activate the elevators in the Void when on Merulina. There seems to be just a tiny sweet spot to stand on to get the "Press X to Interact" option to pop up. My completely foundationless guess as to what is happening is maybe Merulina is floating just a little too high on these elevators. The float height plus bouncing from the upward momentum might be causing the falling through the floor problem and maybe the extra float height is holding Yareli a little too high just outside of the zone for triggering the interact option for the elevator console. 

Thanks for looking into this!

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Update: I just did the Kuva Fortress mobile defense for the 9/12/21 Sortie. The end of the mission had the big elevator that has to have both switches activated at the same time. I got off of Merulina to activate my switch and got the elevator down. I tried to get back on Merulina to head to extraction and fell through the map. I was not the Host. 

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