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September 2021 Riven Disposition Updates

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Greetings Tenno!

Nidus Prime Access brings the master of mutation to the Origin System. Riven Mods are of a similar sort - constantly mutating and evolving - and this Prime Access is no different.

The Sisters of Parvos update introduced many new powerful weapons, the Tenet series, which caused a period of volatility in usage stats. We are still evaluating the strength of these weapons, but have done our best to add power where it seemed appropriate.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to slightly change how we calculate Riven values internally, in terms of the tools we use. This change, combined with shifting trends, means that this disposition update adjusts more numbers than usual (but nothing too extreme!)

Without further ado, here’s what to expect in the update:



Amprex: 0.75->0.8

Battacor: 1.05->1.1

Boltor: 1.25->1.3
Telos Boltor: 1.15->1.2
Boltor Prime: 1.15->1.2

Tenet Flux Rifle: 0.5->0.7

Fulmin: 0.65->0.7

Gaze (primary): 1->1.05

Komorex: 1.1->1.15

Lanka: 1->1.05

Kuva Ogris: 0.9->0.85

Opticor: 1.1->1.15
Opticor Vandal: 1->1.05

Panthera Prime: 1.15->1.2

Proboscis Cernos: 0.55->0.6

Rubico: 0.9->0.95

Soma: 1.1->1.15
Soma Prime: 1->1.05

Sporothrix: 1.1->1.2

Stahlta: 0.85->0.9

Supra: 1.05->1.1
Supra Vandal: 0.95->1

Sybaris: 1.25->1.3
Dex Sybaris: 1.2->1.25
Sybaris Prime: 1.15->1.2

Tenora Prime: 0.5->0.8

Tenet Tetra: 0.5->0.7

Tiberon Prime: 0.9->0.95

Tombfinger (primary): 0.85->0.9

Trumna: 0.75->0.8

Vectis: 1.05->1.1

Kuva Zarr: 0.5->0.6



Arca Plasmor: 0.7->0.8

Astilla: 1.2->1.25
Astilla Prime: 0.5->0.8

Cedo: 0.6->0.65

Corinth: 1.1->1.15

Kuva Hek: 0.5->0.7

Tigris: 1.1->1.15
Sancti Tigris: 0.95->1
Tigris Prime: 0.85->0.9



Akbolto Prime: 1.15->1.2

Akjagara Prime: 0.9->0.95

Aklex Prime: 0.85->0.9

Akstiletto Prime: 0.65->0.7

Atomos: 0.9->0.95

Kuva Brakk: 0.9->0.85

Catabolyst: 1->1.1

Tenet Cycron: 0.5->0.65

Mara Detron: 1->1.1
Tenet Detron: 0.5->0.65

Epitaph: 0.5->0.55

Euphona Prime: 0.8->0.85

Kompressa: 0.5->0.75

Kuva Twin Stubba: 0.9->0.85

Pandero: 1.1->1.15
Pandero Prime: 0.75->0.85

Kuva Seer: 0.95->1

Sepulcrum: 0.95->1

Tenet Diplos: 0.5->0.55

Tenet Spirex: 0.5->0.6

Twin Grakatas: 1.15->1.2

Velox: 1.15->1.2

Zakti Prime: 0.9->0.95

Zymos: 1.05->1.1



Ankyros: 1.45->1.5

Arum Spinosa: 1.05->1.1

Atterax: 1.05->1.1

Galatine Prime: 0.8->0.85

Galvacord: 1.3->1.35

Glaive Prime: 0.9->0.8

Halikar Wraith: 0.75->0.85

Kreska: 1.3->1.35

Kronen Prime: 0.65->0.6

Mios: 1.25->1.3

Nami Skyla Prime: 1->0.95

Ohma: 1.15->1.2

Orthos Prime: 0.65->0.7

Pulmonars: 1.05->1.1

Secura Lecta: 1.1->1.15

Tatsu: 0.95->1

Tenet Agendus: 0.5->0.55

Tenet Exec: 0.5->0.6

Tenet Grigori: 0.5->0.65

Tenet Livia: 0.5->0.6

Vastilok: 0.5->0.7

Venka: 1.05->1.1

Vitrica: 0.85->0.9

Volnus Prime: 0.5->0.8

War: 1->1.05

Zenistar: 1.1->1.15



Prisma Dual Decurion: 1.05->1.1

Grattler: 1->1.05
Kuva Grattler: 0.5->0.6

Imperator: 1.05->1.1
Imperator Vandal: 0.85->0.9

Larkspur: 0.85->0.9

Morgha: 0.85->0.9

Thanks everyone!

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Ankyros: 1.45->1.5

A new possible Stat stick riven dispo to use instead of the amphis, awesome.


Also a bunch of really good weapons that I use got buffed so I am impressed with these changes, although the kuva brakk and kuva ogris getting a sleight nerf is a bit disappointing. 


Kuva Zarr gets a buff yet not the Tenet Envoy ????? After thinking about it, it sorta makes sense considering people don't want to go through the slog of the bloated kuva weapons pool to enjoy new weapons compared to the tenet weapons so that is why all of the new kuva weapons got dispo increases yet the tenet envoy and tenet arca plasmor didn't get dispo increases due to more people being able to access them.

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Everytime there's riven in the talk someone is mad about "stasticks" and I just can't understand.
Not even offering an alternative, they're just mad.

People weren't so sad to see parkour 1.0 go because yes: they were limiting so many choices for melee, but the stastick? Idk man, it's not like you HAVE to as opposed to movement

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