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Update 30.7: Nidus Prime & Plague Star


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Update 30.7: Nidus Prime & Plague Star

Watch the Nidus Prime Trailer here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2DnHMEKgKE

Nidus Prime is here!

Nidus Prime Access
Get instant access to the Infested Prime Warframe and more today!

Infest. Outlive. And ultimately, overrun your enemies with Nidus Prime Access!

Nidus Prime combines Tenno technology with the grotesque resiliency of the Infested. Extract the Relics containing Nidus Prime Blueprints by playing Operation: Plague Star starting September 8 as well as the usual sources for Void Relics such as Relic Packs and Void Missions. 



Nidus Prime

Mutation is endless. The ravening plague-bearer returns in a long-unseen form, seething with a primal strain of the Infestation. Features altered Mod polarities for greater customization.


Strun Prime

A classic shotgun design, embellished for the elite as only the Orokin could. Features altered Mod polarities for greater customization.

Magnus Prime

Orokin elegance meets formidable stopping power in this exquisite revolver. Features altered Mod polarities for greater customization.




Exclusive Nidus Prime Glyphs

Nidus Prime Accessories!


Infested Orbiter Decorations: These encrusted surfaces and drooping growths give your Orbiter's interior the haunting atmosphere of an Infested derelict.

Karnolyth Necramech Skin: Make your Necramech even more fearsome with this Skin, based on early experimental designs that employed outer casings of Infested bone and meat.

Crinoid Prime Syandana: Beauty and dread combine in this unique Infested Syandana, alive with swaying gilded tentacles.

90-Day Resource 90-Day and Affinity Boosters




When Nidus Prime enters Prime Access, the following items will be entering the Prime Vault. 


  • Atlas Prime

  • Tekko Prime

  • Dethcube Prime


With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifices:


  • Replaced Arbiters of Hexis Sacrifice of Atlas Prime Systems with Titania Prime Helmet.

  • Replaced Cephalon Suda Sacrifice of Atlas Prime Chassis with Inaros Prime Chassis.


If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.


Nidus Prime Access begins September 8 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Prepare for the Infestation to take root in your Arsenal, Tenno: https://www.warframe.com/prime-access 

Riven Disposition Changes:


As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers. See the full Disposition changes here:



Plague Star has returned and runs from Sept 8 at 2pm ET to Sept 30 at 2pm ET, Tenno!

“The Thrax Toxin! The Tenno maggots want my toxin! STOP THEM!”

Vay Hek


The infested boil that once threatened the Plains has grown back, uglier and more putrid than before. According to the Ostrons, Infested lifeforms are emerging from it. We need to act now before the Infested make their way to Cetus.


Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil at the meteorite crash site, but he refuses to help. He sees it as a means to destroy Cetus and the Ostron colony. We need to get ahold of his toxin and destroy the boil before it becomes unstoppable.



- Speak to Konzu in Cetus to begin running the Plague Star Bounty.

- Complete the series of Bounty Missions, and you’ll earn Operational Supply Standing to shop for the Event Rewards.



- The more Bounties you complete, the more standing you’ll earn toward the Operational Supply Syndicate!

- Nakak, the oddities vendor, represents the Operational Supply Syndicate.

- Operational Supply Syndicate Standing from the previous event has been carried forward!

- The Plague Star Bounty starts with enemies in the Medium difficulty range, but you can increase the event difficulty by purchasing and mixing the Eidolon Phylaxis from Nakak into Vay Hek’s Toxin.



- Earn exciting Rewards in a variety of ways in this Operation:

- Complete Konzu’s Bounty and earn Operational Supply Standing. Nidus Prime Relics can be found in these Bounties as well as in their normal areas. 

- Work together with your Clan during the event for Trophies and glory!


Visit Nakak in Cetus to spend your Operational Supply Standing on these Potential Rewards:

- Event Emblem - Show off your event participation with this meteor-themed Emblem.

- Mods - Mod rewards include the Fulmination Mod and the Sacrifice Mod.

- Infested Zaw Components - Modular pieces that can be used to create a gruesome Zaw.

- Snipetron - High-quality Corpus sniper rifle that was previously retired from the game.

- Infested Zaw Arcanes - New buffs to enhance your Zaw weapons.

- Eidolon Phylaxis - Equip to earn more Standing and increase event difficulty.

- NEW: Ghoulsaw & Butcher’s Revelry Stance! 


The cruelest of weapons built for the crudest of Grineer soldiers. Rips through metal like flesh, and through flesh like day-old pudding. 


This first-of-its-kind Assault Saw can be yours today, Tenno! 



Rip, tear, and rend with the nightmarish Ghoulsaw and Butcher’s Revelry Stance.


*Obtain the Ghoulsaw from Nakak’s offerings in Plague Star or in the Market for Platinum. 


Butcher’s Revelry

Rip and rend with this Assault Saw Stance. 


*Obtain Butcher’s Revelry from Nakak’s offerings in Plague Star. These items will be added to the game in a future Update after Plague Star Leaves! 




Embrace Revenant’s hybrid nature with a bold new form and dwell in the eternal twilight between realms.


*Similar to the Ember Pyraxis Attachments, the Revenant Mephisto Skin has a removable Syandana (more so a cape in this scenario) that can be equipped on either normal Revenant or Revenant Mephisto Skin. This Syandana is Exclusive to Revenant just as other Deluxe Skins attachments are exclusive to them. Please note that the “energy beard” on the original Revenant Helmet gets removed when the Mephisto Syandana is equipped due to excessive clipping. One could say we had to clip the beard. 



Take up a sacred duty and defend the treasures of the Void with this weapon skin.



Take on a touch of the devil with these Revenant Mephisto Operator accessories.


Includes the Revenant Mephisto Diadem, and Revenant Mephisto Mask.


**Please note this is in the Market as a separate Collection as not to spoil things for those who want Mephisto who do not yet have The Second Dream or War Within complete. This follows the precedent from other Deluxe bundles (Zephyr Harrier, etc). 



Dwell in the eternal twilight with Revenant’s haunting Mephisto collection.


Includes Revenant Mephisto Skin, Revenant Mephisto Helmet, and Orison Two-Handed Nikana Skin.




Yareli improvements are here, Tenno!

We have 2 areas that are being buffed: Stats, and Utility. While many Tenno have hoped for more Stat buffs (which we have here!), the Utility Buffs are really something to behold for the usability or Merulina. We are introducing a foundational change to her movement: Merulina Dashing (tap Roll/Dash)! This can be executed in any direction and is effectively a new way to close gaps (or quickly retreat!) and alter the direction of Yareli aboard Merulina! This also enhances the way you can traverse vertically with responsive directional input while in the air. We’ve made a handy .gif to demonstrate just what we mean: 

Behold in .gif form:


What you see in this .gif is a vertical traversal that’s currently tough to do with Yareli. However,  with the forward dash the momentum movement now allows for directional maneuvering. 

Then, we see Yareli Dash both Forward AND Back in the .gif, showing how you can certainly take advantage of this new movement tool!


This is a change that’s best experienced in your hands, but it is certainly a huge improvement for navigating all of Warframes tilesets! 

We have also made some changes to general Merulina movement by allowing for shorter jumps, and reducing overall jump charge time.

Yareli Stat Changes:
We’ve made some Stat changes to Yareli’s abilities as well. These are buffs across the board, and details are as follows: 


Sea Snares:

  • Increase seek speed by about 60% and slightly increase bubble visibility to better register your casts. 



  • Increase range by just about 25%

  • Increase damage and duration by 50%



Bigger is better. The bigger we Rip, the more enemies, the better scaling, and so on!

  • Increase radius by 25%


Yareli Fixes: 

  • Fixed the Financial Stress debuff not being removed after Yareli scores in The Index while riding Merulina.

  • Fixed inability to use a Cipher while riding Merulina.

  • Fixed Yareli’s Passive bonus to Pistol Critical Chance not applying to Clients. 

  • Fixed shared Affinity not being attributed to player weapons while riding Merulina as Yareli. 

  • Fixed numerous AoE enemy attacks not affecting Yareli when riding Merulina.

  • Fixed missing weapon rank UI when switching to Merulina with Primary weapon equipped.

  • Fixed picking up Rifle Ammo for an empty Primary while riding Merulina equipping said Primary weapon.

  • Fixed missing End of Mission stats if enemies are killed with Yareli’s Abilities while riding Merulina.

  • Fixed an issue where Yareli players boarding Merulina would have their flashlight color (activated when in dark areas like caves) permanently adopt Yareli’s first energy color. 

  • Fixed a script error that occurs when completing a Mastery Rank test while riding Yareli’s Merulina. 


Corrupted Holokey Changes: 

  • In the final Railjack Showdown node for a Sister of Parvos, each Sister will give each squad member 1 Corrupted Holokey at End-of-Mission whether you Vanquish or Convert them! This means a Squad of 4 can leave with 4 Corrupted Holokeys each on Showdown mission complete! 

  • Corrupted Holokey drop amounts have been increased in Void Storms! Void Storms in the Veil Proxima will now drop 10 (vs 6) to make the hardest content the most rewarding. The rest have all had their amounts increased by 1. 



  • Added Paracesis Sheath Orbiter decoration! 

    • Inspired by the conversation had with its original creator (Kaz) during TennoCon 2021’s Art Panel. It can now be purchased from Cephalon Simaris after completing the Chimera Prologue Quest.


Kuva Lich/Sister Changes & Fixes:

  • Reduced the time between Grineer Kuva Thrall spawns, so that the time to get all 10 to spawn is more in line with the time it takes to get all 3 Corpus Hounds to spawn.

  • Made improvements to the Kuva Lich/Sister showdown cinematic:

    • Added music befitting a showdown! 

    • Fixed the cinematic being silent.

    • Fixed ability to manipulate the camera during the cinematic.

    • Fixed animation popping during the cinematic.

  • Changed Sister Candidate waypoint icon to be the Sister icon instead of the Treasurer (Granum Crown) icon.

  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Sister showdown fight due to the Sister’s Hound not spawning if the Host player died and went AFK after entering the Capital Ship.

  • Fixed an issue where a Kuva Lich with the ‘Ensnare’ ability could potentially prevent the context action for execution from appearing if the ability was cast prior to being weakened.

  • Fixed not receiving the Sisterhood Sigil after Converting or the Sisterhood Emblem after Vanquishing a Sister of Parvos.

    • Upon login those missing their respective Sisterhood Sigil/Emblem will receive them.

  • Fixed Rhino’s Rhino Stomp perpetually stunning both Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos.

  • Fixed the Kuva Lich and Sister Vanquish animation not playing correctly, where it would turn the Lich/Sister invisible or fall through the floor during the animation.

  • Fixed missing Client Parazon Mercy animations on Grineer Thralls.

  • Fixed issue where fusing two partially ranked Kuva or Tenet weapons together appeared to increase the rank of your weapon. 

    • This was a UI / display only, as the Valence fusion does not increase a weapon rank. Now, the weapon rank does not increase from fusion and the UI does not incorrectly show that it has. 

  • Fixed an issue in Crew Command where Liches would appear as Grineer Heavy Gunners in the Railjack UI. It now shows the Kuva Lich or Sisters of Parvos badge icons where it previously showed Grineer Heavy Gunners to represent this Crew member. 

  • Fixed unlocalized Kuva Lich Inbox messages.

  • Fixed Kuva Lich names appearing as part of the Ephemera name in Kuva Lich Inbox messages.


Customization Changes for Select Attachments: ‘None’ Option 

For a long time now we’ve had a precedent with a handful of Warframe Skins where the “None” option for Attachments (and sometimes Syandanas) was removed if certain Skins, Primes, etc were equipped. This applied to Warframes such as Ember Prime/Pyraxis Skin, Frost, Mag Prime, Oberon, Volt, etc. 


We now usher in a new “None” era! All Warframes and Warframe Skins that previously did not have the ‘None’ option will have a “None” Attachment or Syandana option, giving you even MORE customization flexibility. This means you can remove details such as any attachments on Ember Pyraxis, Mag Prime, the list goes on and on! In addition, Banshee, Frost and Oberon's default Shoulder Armor can now be equipped on Prime versions of the Warframe. 


This also fixes a long-standing bug where a Warframe that has no default Shoulders Attachments (let's say, Excalibur) and had nothing equipped there, if you clicked on "left arm" then it would auto-select the first shoulder armor in your owned list.



  • Hemocyte is now immune to looting abilities that often didn’t fully work due to how quickly the body despawns (Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm with Pilfering Swarm, Nekros' Desecrate etc).

    • With the re-run of Plague Star, we are adding Nidus Prime’s Relics as in-world drops from the Hemocyte. This change was brought forth with this in mind, and the acquisition rate of this new Prime that could be influenced with loot abilities which is not a precedent we wish to set. With up to 4 Hemocytes that can spawn in the final stage it felt especially important to make this change. 

  • Ambassador Component Blueprints have a chance to drop from Aurax Atloc Raknoids. The main Blueprint can now be attained as a Rotation C reward from any Corpus Railjack Survival mission.

    • After engaging with Community Feedback, we noticed that obtaining the Ambassador parts was a tough combination of playing the same mission in 4 different locations with some difficult RNG. The Ambassador components have also been moved to an enemy that was without a drop table!

      • Every Aurax Atloc Raknoid has a 15% to drop any component Blueprints for the Ambassador 

      • Enemies typically only drop Weapon Blueprints or component Blueprints which is why the Ambassador components were given individual Blueprints 

  • Tweaked Zephyr’s Airburst pull vacuum to lift enemies up a bit off the ground so they aren't dragging their butts. Plus updated the FX to go along with it! 

    • Zephyr’s Airburst was intended to pull enemies in like Vortex for a short duration, but was spawning exactly where the projectile hit, resulting in being inside the floor. We fixed it by making the vortex spawn a bit above the floor and in the process gave it an FX pass to communicate better what was happening.

  • Added ‘Missing Requirements’ context information to Ergo Glast’s shop in the Relays. 

  • Made the following changes to the Saxum Mod set:

    • The cooldown will now appear in the HUD.

    • Removed fall-off damage and increased the range to 4/8/12 metres. 

    • Increased the knockback to enemies caught closer to the impact while heavily staggering enemies within range but further away from the explosion.

    • Also fixed issues with the Saxum mod set bonus not matching the in-game description: Lifted enemies explode on death and deal up to 30% of their max health as Impact damage.

  • Reduced Riven challenge condition for "Kill X enemies with headshots from at least 100m away" to 75m away. 

  • Changed the sorting of items on the End Of Mission screen to better reflect importance, including Steel Essence, Riven Slivers, Granum Crowns, Built Forma, Orokin Cells, Corrupted Holokeys, built Prime parts, War Hilt, Requiem Ultimatums, Exilus Adapters, Drop Chance Boosters, Scintillant, and built Railjack Components.

  • Harrow Neuroptic Blueprints can now be obtained from the first vault in Pago, and as a Rotation C reward from Taveuni on the Kuva Fortress. Mod and Relic rewards have been swapped on Pago, and drop rates increased slightly. 

  • Harrow Systems Blueprints drop rates on Defection missions have been increased slightly, and added as a Rotation C reward from Taveuni on the Kuva Fortress.

    • In response to community feedback on farming for Harrow, we revisited the process for obtaining his components. We are making it easier to obtain Harrow Neuroptic Blueprints, and Harrow Systems Blueprints, from the locations outlined above.

  • Removed Intensify from the mid-tier Defection rewards.

    • We found that Intensify was an unnecessary addition to Defection rewards, and therefore skewed the chances of receiving other rewards, hence it’s removal.

  • Octavia’s Mandachord option has been moved into the top Arsenal menu, under the Parazon option.

    • The Mandachord is a very important piece of equipment for Octavia’s abilities - having it buried and not as readily accessible was not ideal considering that it is key to her performance. It is now much easier to find it and create a tune of destruction! 

  • Added scrollbar to Index result screen. 

  • Syndicate Medallion trade in screens have been given the UI theme treatment.

  • Added ‘Insufficient Funds’ context information to the Syndicate offerings ‘Confirm Purchase’ panel.

  • Improved NPC zipline usage in the Gas City tileset. Their parkour skills were just a bit too weak.  

  • A warning for unowned Landing Craft Skins will now appear when attempting to purchase a skin for a Landing Craft type they do not own. 

  • Increased visibility of control panels for extendable-bridges in some major corridors in the Corpus Gas City tileset.

  • We’ve changed the underlying code of our UI for future proofing, but you shouldn't notice anything just yet. If you come across anything janky please let us know!

  • Adjusted Chroma Elemental Ward stat display to be more accurate (uses % display for Health/Shield/Armor/reload/holster buffs).

  • Improved the tent textures in the Plains of Eidolon. 

  • Adjusted the Brachiolyst ragdoll animation to make it more natural looking. 

  • Updated Foundry preview images for Scorched Beacon and Chroma Mark Blueprints (for The New Strange Quest), which were appearing as low resolution images. 

  • Changed the timing of the Sentient’s damage pulse & weapon reattach to occur at a specific time within the animation rather than at the end.

    • Previously, destroying both arms on Sentients would cause them to drop weapons. Sentients no longer drop anything when arms are destroyed but will instead regenerate them. This regeneration causes a damage pulse that has been modified to occur during the animation rather than at the end.

  • Reduced the damage and overall range of the Ortholyst Sentient’s long ranged barrage cluster projectiles. 

  • Revenant's Danse Macabre ability now deals finisher damage against inanimate objects instead of adopting a damage type based on the target. It still does adaptive damage and applies adaptive status effects against enemies.

    • Prior to this change, Danse Macabre was allowing Revenant to solve Operator-required puzzles, which is clearly not intended. 

  • Removed the ability to collect duplicate Ephemeras. 

    • Ephemeras now abide by the “one per person” rule that other cosmetic items follow. And thus clearing out the unnecessary inventory clutter.

    • A script will run upon first login after updating to remove existing duplicates. 

  • Updated to K-Drive and Merulina riding so that the rider's aim end point matches the vehicle’s aim end point. This addresses cases of moving in unintended directions.

  • Updated the Dojo room HUD title to have more of a Vitruvian theme!

  • Updated the Menu UI in the Personal Quarters to reflect a Vitruvian theme! Fish Tank, Articula, etc!

  • Added Orokin Ciphers and Omega Isotopes as a feeding option to the Helminth, which will grant Bile.

  • Added Cryptographic ALU as a feeding option to the Helminth, which will grant Synthetics.

  • The ‘Converted Adversaries’ menu will now auto open when starting a Trade in the Crimson Branch instead of having to click through the tabs.

  • Upon login, those that received the unintended Shotgun Riven Mod for Kitguns via GOTL Alert will have their Riven corrected to a proper Pistol Kitgun Riven Mod. 

    • Please note that this does not change the Challenge or any Cycling you have already done.

  • Reworded the Viral Quills description to decrease it’s unnecessary length. 

  • Reworded the ‘Vault Looter’ Nightwave Act to clarify that it’s for the Dragon Key Vaults, not the Isolation Vaults.

  • Players under Mastery Rank 2 will no longer see the ‘Update History’ messages upon login, as this information may be overwhelming as they begin their Warframe journey.

  • Tweaked the compression of Cursors so they look better at mid-sizes, although this unfortunately makes them not as sharp when scaled to max. Trying to find a happy middle ground!

  • Made a few changes to the Helminth 15th Metamorphosis “Golden Instinct” Void Spark:

    • Doubled the Void Sparks lifespan

    • Increased the Void Sparks visibility

    • Increased start time of Golden Instinct



  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to engine and level loading.

  • Optimized out some hitches when using DirectX 12. 

  • Made micro-optimizations to DirectX 12 memory footprint.

  • Made micro-optimizations to game startup when running DirectX 12.

  • Optimized out many small hitches when using DirectX 12. 

  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain shadows to malfunction in DirectX 12 on PC.

  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to DirectX 11 rendering.

  • Made a micro-optimization to level loading and streaming.

  • Made a micro-optimization to UI rendering.

  • Made a micro-optimization to Depth of Field rendering.

  • Made micro-optimizations to the fog rendering.

  • Made some systemic micro-optimizations to memory footprint.

  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to shadow rendering on all platforms.

  • Made some micro-optimizations to particle-system rendering. 

  • Made micro-optimizations to rendering on all platforms. 

  • Made systemic micro-optimizations for all platforms.

  • Fixed an inconsequential graphical inconsistency that may have caused a few micro-stutters on DirectX 12.



  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Transferring from Excalibur Umbra to a Necramech,

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a Client player aborted after a Host migration in a Defense mission.

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Valence Fusion a Talyn Armament.

  • Fixed Ember’s Immolation HUD meter not functioning after dying/Reviving until you Operator Transference. 

  • Fixed replacing a Prime Blueprint on the Trading screen not always updating the Ducat value correctly.

  • Fixed ability to ride on top of the Plague Star Infested boil with K-Drives (and other similar vehicles) which resulted in taking no damage.

  • Fixed UI not updating when attempting to Invigorate Excalibur Umbra which then resulted in a script error.

  • Fixed incorrect animal subspecies appearing in Cambion Drift if you used a Pheromone.

  • Fixed Sprag missing her jetpack animation movements.

  • Fixed the unrepaired "Scrap" version of an Armament also shown as Equipped in the list for the same slot. 

  • Fixed Inaros’ Scarab Swarm HUD still showing up after switching Warframes in the Simulacrum.

  • Fixed Dragon Key UI/HUD not updating after swapping them in your Gear in the Simulacrum.

  • Fixed the Eros Wings Ephemera clipping with certain parts of the ESC menu.

  • Fixed a few Quest prerequisite texts missing the respective location.

  • Fixed background of Clan Hierarchy screen being shrunk when using Menu Scale.

  • Fixed the Dojo Room selection sometimes not having some Rooms available for selection.

  • Fixed Dojo Room message and name font being very dark.

  • Fixed the Tab menu and End Of Mission screen in Conclave Annihilation not displaying player names or their scores (Oro, kills, deaths).

  • Fixed the Waverider Comic showing duplicate challenges after re-reading pages.

  • Fixed multiple issues with the Saxum Mod set: 

    • Fixed the “Lifted enemies explode on death” effect not working when the full set is equipped.

    • Fixed non-melee attacks to proc the effect.

    • Fixed the effect from triggering on non-lifted enemies. 

    • Fixed the damage type to correctly deal Impact damage. 

    • Fixed a “buff” icon appearing in the HUD on activation. 

    • Miscellaneous fixes for proc inconsistencies and stacking issues with other mods.  

  • Fixed Helminth Kubrow puppy appearing as a default Kubrow and not a Helminth variant.

  • Fixed the total number of owned decorations not including the amount placed on the Orbiter, as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1273753-clicking-linked-item-doesnt-show-correct-quantity-owned/

  • Fixed rounding error for Helminth Invigoration costs that could prevent an account from Invigorating in rare circumstances.

  • Fixed Grineer Scorpions not doing their full melee combo.

  • Fixed Necramech Slot pricing in Foundry appearing differently than it does in the in-game Market. 

  • Fixed Oberon’s Smite VFX color not reflecting the player’s custom color choice.

  • Fixed the end-of-mission screen in Railjack not displaying the correct mission time.

  • Fixed not being able to pause during a Lunaro match.

  • Fixed textures on Mirage breaking in Simulacrum while changing to a Deluxe skin after using Mirage’s Eclipse.

  • Fixed the Tenet Envoy's guided rockets being unable to pass through Volt's Shield and Gara's Vitrify.

  • Fixed Railjack Crew Pilots searching for objectives multiple times per second, causing some pretty dizzy passengers. 

  • Fixed the Transmission Color Pallette and Liset Athari Skin not rewarding Nora’s Choice Creds from Duplicate Protection.

  • Fixed clip issues with the Zundi Pistol Skin when used with Mesa’s Idle Animation.

  • Fixed the Landing Craft exit looking dark when evacuating during Corpus Outpost missions.

  • Fixed the Waveform Ephemera incorrectly appearing behind your Warframe in the Arsenal.

  • Fixed incorrect spacing in Ordis’ subtitles during the ‘Octavia’s Anthem’ Quest.

  • Fixed Elite Crew Members with the “Heal all teammates for 1000 Health when this crew member drops below 30% Health” trait not triggering their ability when conditions are met.

  • Fixed an issue with bonus Affinity not being granted after a successful Railjack Defense mission.

  • Fixed AI Fighters in Railjack losing focus on the player in certain situations, and flying outside the detection range of the player. 

  • Fixed a script error related to being the Operator in the Cetus tunnel.

  • Fixed a hole in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Railjack to become stuck in an ice mine while in the Neptune Proxima.

  • Fixed a script error related to Protea getting on a K-Drive. 

  • Fixed an issue where the Mods section would not load sometimes when configuring the Railjack Plexus from the Dry Dock console.

  • Fixed an issue where Titania’s Razorwing was unable to deal damage to Nullifier-type Corpus Capture targets.

  • Fixed an issue with Void Storm Survival missions sometimes not rewarding Void Traces when unlocking 2 or more Relics.

  • Fixed an issue where the floor in Cetus would disappear when viewed from a large distance.

  • Fixed an issue where the Auto Swap On Empty function was not swapping weapons for Clients. 

  • Fixed an issue with a misaligned glass window pane in the Corpus Gas City tileset.

  • Fixed an issue where the pedestal for the cyst of a regressed Helminth Charger would retract into the floor when opening and closing the Arsenal. 

  • Fixed Titania being able to get out of bounds with entering/exiting Razorwing.

  • Fixed an issue where some colour customization code intended for the Railjack’s emplacements would cause a player’s Warframe to appear in its default skin and colour scheme.

  • Fixed an issue where Affinity was not retained after completing a mission in the Plains of Eidolon, returning to Cetus, and then going on a mission again.

  • Fixed an issue where Clients would get disconnected when entering the Arsenal in the Simulacrum while having the same Warframe as the Host.

  • Fixed an issue where the Tenet Agendus hammer was not being held properly in a Warframe’s hand if it is the only weapon equipped.

  • Fixed Titania being unable to descend while in Razorwing form, after being propelled by the gaiser plants in Deimos.

  • Fixed an issue where certain Warframe animations would prevent an enemy from being susceptible to Parazon finishers.

  • Fixed a script error related to loading Railjack Crew members when a Client tries to join a session. 

  • Fixed a script error related to Rhino’s Iron Skin.

  • We have made the following fixes for Plague Star: 

    • We fixed an issue where the Plague Star Bounty drone would automatically start without being hacked once the player was in its proximity.

    • Fixed an issue where Nakak was talking to herself silently after you looked at the Offerings page

  • Fixed a script error related to Revenant's abilities.

  • Fixed an issue with dual wielding a Glaive/Pistol as Titania before activating Razorwing enabling permanent slide attacks when using quick melee.

  • Fixed inability to use Stance Forma or Umbra Forma on the Dark Split-Sword.

  • Fixed an issue where if a player completed a mission and then waited in their Orbiter for the next mission then the time spent waiting was counted into the mission time.

  • Fixed a script error related to Mesa’s Shooting Gallery.

  • Fixed an issue where a mid-mission Host migration on Exterminate missions allowed Clients to progress the kill count while waiting for a new Host.

  • Fixed Dargyn Pilots in the Simulacrum having randomized levels once they drop from their destroyed Tusk Dargyns. 

  • Fixed an issue with an infinite loading screen for Hosts leaving Railjack Defense missions. 

  • Fixed the Electricity Status Effects from the Synergized Prospectus Hound Precept mod arcing to players close to the enemy targeted and dealing friendly fire damage. 

  • Fixed an issue where while completing Void Storm missions, collecting 10 Void Traces while in the Necramech without entering your Warframe does not open the Relic.

  • Fixed an issue where playing as Khora in the Mastery Rank 13 will result in no enemies spawning.

  • Fixed ‘Previous Power’ binding option in Railjack controls appearing as ‘Switch Secondary’.

  • Fixed Nezha's Divine Spear's deactivation sounds triggering on enemy deaths.

  • Fixed Aurax Raknoids leaving behind an invisible blockage on death.

  • Fixed being able to equip Umbra Forma to Sisters of Parvos Hound weapons. (They can’t equip Umbra mods so this was just a trap for the unwary)

  • Fixed being unable to target Dargyn pilots that have fallen out of a Dargyn.

  • Fixed an issue with Archwing where if you bullet jump and equip Archwing mid-air then you will constantly float up.

  • Fixed a harmless script error that would occur when directly loading into the Orb Vallis.

  • Fixed an issue where if you bullet jump with Revenant and then cast Danse Macabre his head would appear broken.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not select a Warframe at the start of the game. 

  • Fixed performance issues when using Thermal Sunder as Titania after casting Razorwing as Host. 

  • Fixed an issue where when playing an Index mission and using Transference would allow the Warframe to regain maximum Shields without being affected by Financial Stress.

  • Fixed an issue with a tooltip not having the appropriate offset during mission selection.

  • Fixed Grineer Crewship gunner HUD reticle appearing stretched.

  • Fixed wonky spawn points for certain loot containers in the Orokin Tower tileset. Rifling for couch change is not the way of the Tenno.

  • Fixed Bursas being hackable before disabling them.

  • Fixed an issue where using Void mode to sneak past Sentient enemies in Octavia’s Anthem would prevent Ordis’ transmission from triggering and stopping progress.

  • Fixed animals spawning underground in Plains of Eidolon caves.

  • Fixed Dargyn Pilots spawning in caves.

  • Fixed Landing Craft skins applying to crafts across the board after customizing in the appearance options, creating some very odd visual results. 

  • Fixed hangar doors in the Grineer Galleon tileset sometimes missing collisions.

  • Fixed an issue where the Railjack’s left gun is partially or completely invisible when at the Dry Dock.

  • Fixed an issue with Silencing Mods not reducing some sounds properly.

  • Fixed an issue with the UI where the View Mission Progress menu and the End of Mission results menu displayed incorrect Affinity values if a weapon gained multiple ranks in a mission.

  • Fixed a visual FX performance issue that occured upon dying. 

  • Fixed a Client bug causing the moving laser wall to stutter irregularly inside Corpus Ship Vault E.

  • Fixed unhelpful waypoints attaching themselves to consoles that are environment only and not interactable in Orb Vallis Bounty Spy missions. 

  • Fixed players clipping through Rampart when disembarking where they first entered, regardless of player rotation.

  • Fixed a pop in the Heavy Blade animation loop that would occur in the left hand.

  • Fixed UI locking in place while camera relocates after  dying in the Simulacrum Arsenal Mod window.  

  • Fixed Lavos and Hildryn being able to roll Energy-based Invigorations (Energy Max + 200% and Energy Regen +2) as the Warframes do not use Energy.

  • Fixed Tannukai Longsword Skin clipping into ground while idling. 

  • Fixed missing lighter on player when in high areas around the Clan Dojo Hall.

  • Fixed Orbiter lights behind Codex not changing to desired colour.

  • Fixed an inability to move in the Call of the Tempestarii M3 mission after opening the Main Menu after completing the "Cold Below" section.

  • Fixed enemies not spawning in Grineer Sealab Defense.

  • Fixed Reload Speed Mods affecting the Shedu's ammo regeneration delay.

    • Battery cannot begin regenerating if the weapon is between shots.

  • Fixed a spot-load when an On-Call Crew member is deployed with a Kitgun equipped.

  • Fixed a spot-load when a player joins your Orbiter.

  • Fixed the Tenet Diplos not unlocking the Meeting Adjourned achievement.

  • Fixed the Kill It With Fire achievement not applying to the Deimos Genetrix.

  • Fixed ability to Chat Link and Apply a Mod config with a negative capacity.

  • Fixed the Ride The Wave poster icon texture looking stretched.

  • Fixed the Mastery Rank Up UI mentioning “Daily Focus Limit” before players have unlocked Focus.

  • Fixed the Friends List showing a white box for the Legendary icon if you haven't already witnessed it.

  • Fixed Dargyn Pilot not being paused in the Simulacrum when “Pause AI” is enabled and the Pilot has been removed from the Dargyn.

  • Fixed Chat header icons becoming stuck on screen.

  • Fixed a flickering light during The War Within Quest.

  • Fixed in-game Challenge progress pop-ups appearing when notifications are disabled.

  • Fixed issue where regressing the age of a pet would not unequip its armor. 

  • Fixed issue where Parazon marker would appear above converted Corpus Liches or SIsters of Parvos’ head when selecting crew the Railjack Crew page. 

  • Fixed issue where Buzlok’s fire homing would cause no damage. 

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Zundi Pistol skin.

  • Fixed UI issue with Railjack Crew Command where players could be prompted to “Assign Role” to Converted Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos, despite them being limited to the Defender role.  

  • Fixed an issue where the Railjack Skills Bar from the Crew Page in the Dry Dock was not updating after Crew is swapped.

  • Fixed an issue with the flashlight not working as intended when on vehicles such as K-Drives.

  • Fixed an issue with the snow shader losing accuracy in specific areas of a level 

  • Fixed an issue where the FX energy of the Tenet Agendus was not affected by custom color chosen. 

  • Fixed an issue related to Mastery Rank 24 test: this test provides you a non-upgraded, default amp and removes any arcanes.If the player died and respawned, they would have their personal, upgraded amp and any arcanes equipped available to use in the test, making the test easier than intended. Respawning no longer brings the player’s amp and arcanes into the test.

  • Fixed issue where upper-body animations and finisher animations blended into each other, creating undesired visuals. 

  • Fixed an issue where assigning a Lich to “On Call” would overwrite a Lich crewmate’s displayed stats. Lich crewmates’ stats now stay consistent. 

  • Fixed a puzzle on Lua Spy missions (Pavlov)  that was unintentionally unsolvable. 

  • Fixed an issue with trees clipping at a long view distance in the Plains of Eidolon.

  • Fixed a particle system issue that caused some elements of Apostasy Prologue to turn bright red. 

  • Fixed a Look Linked Kavat appearing to have 2 tails.

  • Fixed the Cedo, Cyanex and Akarius causing a parried reaction (knock back) versus certain enemies.

  • Fixed The Night Hunter Syandana's wings not retracting for Client players.

  • Fixed inability to view the large version of an owned Glyph.

  • Fixed the “Speak to Konzu” objective text when first entering Cetus not being capitalized.

  • Fixed a script error when casting Bonewidow’s Shield Maiden ability. 

  • Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Roar ability.

  • Fixed a script error when casting Khora’s Strangledome.

  • Fixed inability to Chat Link Primed Magazine Warp.

  • Fixed inability to Trade Primed Magazine Warp

  • Fixed the Mission Extraction waypoint sometimes turning red in Exterminate missions.

  • Fixed Nightwave Acts being stuck on the screen forever if you change settings.

  • Fixed Naramon Executing Dash not opening enemies to finishers.

  • Fixed the skirt on the Ivara Graxx skin clipping through Ivara Prime's bottom.

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1. count "20 nighwave defend" mission on it end, like index, not by exit
2. hide-option to chat bloking words option to it "Loop" image sub-menu, because it can be suddenly clicked
3. build position 4 5 6 vanish after polirized
4. profit orb quest pick could stuck forever
5. Ogris hit effect and afterburn effect freeze game and mouse movement

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hace 1 hora, [DE]Rebecca dijo:

Customization Changes for Select Attachments: ‘None’ Option 

Great, now could you please add a "regular version" skin for primed/vandal/wraith... weapons ? Also a primed details toggle option for every warframe immortal skin wouldnt hurt :)

Also didnt see any fix for the Ambassador magazine bug...

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  • Harrow Systems Blueprints drop rates on D

    efection missions have been increased slightly, and added as a Rotation C reward from Taveuni on the Kuva Fortress.

    • In response to community feedback on farming for Harrow, we revisited the process for obtaining his components. We are making it easier to obtain Harrow Neuroptic Blueprints, and Harrow Systems Blueprints, from the locations outlined above.

Why though... You get the part once, twice in the case of helminth, then it's just another dead drop polluting the loot table.

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