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Frame Idea: Eos


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I wouldnt mind having a heavier top frame (that isnt hyldrin) and this is what I came up with she might not be original and Im bad with balancing things so here are her abilities

Bloodied Frenzy
When Vengeance meter is filled by taking health damage and when the meter is full and if downed explode and resist death for 10 seconds while getting increased damage and immunity to stagger and status effects (Consumes all Vengeance meter). Impact damage is increased by 5%

Overhead slam with Lament that sends out a shockwave

Knocks down enimies nearby dealing 300 Impact Damage

Strips armor from nearby enemies (25% base) and gives it to herself and all nearby allies (Consumes Vengeance)
(Hold) To guard and resist all damage from the from any attacks absorbed drains Vengeance

Lament & Epiphany (Mace and Shield)
Drains Energy while active

Thats all I have for her abilities/passive and as for picture references in like body type Ive put it in a spoiler because its a little spicy


one of the picture references for body type




also my first actual thread post Ive done in years due to me putting out ideas an them not getting traction at all but who knows Warframe is a special game where the community actually helps each other also thanks I guess for reading this PS

Now I know this might not gain traction at all but hey an idea is an idea and its probably not very original but hey its here and kinda expecting it to be removed because of the first spoiler

Have a good day/night and thanks for reading this


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