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[Isolation Vaults] The hostile Necramech slash status effect is 1 shotting players


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I'm not sure if slash proc damage is factored into player resistances like normal damage, but the slash proc from hostile necramechs in Isolation vaults, if they trigger slash proc, are doing 400-900 damage per tick after resistances.

I was trying to figure out why I was getting oneshot and my Trinity Prime frame has 450 shield, 750 health with heavy armor buffs (at least 60-70% armor) (very tanky build). nothing is really hurting me down here except the Necramech. The Necramech sword does unreal amounts of damage and the bleed on the sword is lethal to me in two game ticks with my tank build.

Opinion: The hostile Necramech in general is way too powerful between being tanky as all get out and doing silly damage, but this makes the experience pretty awful for players who aren't S tier range damage.

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