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Foods & Drinks in Warframe Universe?


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13 minutes ago, Loveframe said:

I'm aware of Maprico fruit and Wall Meat (forgot it's name), but what other food items are there in the universe?

Also, I'm concerned about my SOP drinking Cryotic cocktails at alarming rates.

known foods off the top of my head:

- Ostron Cuisine: they actually have a lot of stuff, like Vobi Butter and Juut reeds whatever those are, as well as a couple different types of booze. it's all in the Ostron Cuisine Lore Entry. they do of course eat the Tower meat because it replenishes over time, and Fish are also common because they live by a coastline with many different fish species. they probably have the widest variety of food of all the factions, but...

- they also eat termite droppings, which they claim can keep you going on long walks through the heat for days without needing food or water. a miracle method of not starving or dehydrating to death in the arid Plains sounds great, but at the same time.. eww.

- Solaris food: heavily processed, and only consumed by those who still have their organic digestive systems: many Solaris don't have those anymore and don't require sustenance.

- Corpus nutrition bars: apparently Corpus Crewmen eat nutrition bars that give them everything they need. 

- Fungal polyps: not sure if this is more of a narcotic than a food, but Daughter likes these, even though Mother forbids her from gathering and eating them. she mentions they give her crazy dreams, so probably more like magic shrooms than what you'd cook with, but they are ingested orally I think, so it sort of counts, right?

- whatever the Worm Queen eats: apparently contemporary foods like Pies still exist in the Warframe universe, as the Worm Queen can be heard threatening to turn her men into pies, and for all her talk of cannibalism and food I'm convinced she really will chow down on her own men given the chance.

overall, I probably wouldn't want to eat anything in the warframe universe, but then tenno don't really need to eat anyway, so it's all good.

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Alad mentions cheese.

There's an NPC in Cetus hawking what sounds a whole lot like "melted boobie butter" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCGz30zmdqo), though I'm sure it's something else. I'm not sure if it counts as "food", but they also sell spices. Master Teasonai mentions eating Kuaka and, in emergencies, ants, and grubs. Fish, obviously. Condroc are hunted for their feathers and stomach acid, and I'd assume they eat them too.

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Checking out the 'Orokin archives' (warframe's version of Destiny's Ishtar Collective, albeit less well-maintained), there's also apparently 'Abyssal snail spawn' which Corpus (supposedly) eat, something called 'Harpu' which seems to include Vobi Butter as an ingredient, and Ostrons will sometimes eat plains animals like Kuakas. Likewise, Corpus will eat whatever exotic animal they can find, and apparently Virmink is common enough that some foods can get compared to it, as we do chicken.

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6 hours ago, Loza03 said:

Checking out the 'Orokin archives' (warframe's version of Destiny's Ishtar Collective, albeit less well-maintained)

How dare you /s

The original question is very interesting. Food is such a mundane topic that it is mentioned somewhat frequently, but no attention is paid to it. Thus, you have to scrub through all the dialogue to really find it all. This kind of thing is one of my favourite parts of worldbuilding. Here's what I can find. Some entries may be repeated from earlier answers.

The glass fragment "Ostron Cuisine" is obviously a wealth of information:

  • Chimurr: Fill the gourd with bomba leaves, then add steaming water and imbibe through a burnished juta reed. A very old Ostron tradition. To serve it to guests signifies union and friendship.
  • Harpu: Fresh-brewed chimurr with melted vobi butter creates a filling, tasty beverage. It is often bulked out with salt and balb flour. Always served hot.
  • Daku liquor: Highly sought after. The Suma Doni (a lowlands marsupial) eats the peca nut, then excretes a fine paste. It is from this paste that the Ostrons make daku liquor.
  • Golden caviar: Harvested from abyssal depths such as the Geonate Shelf.
  • Kubuchi: Fermented sorghum. Cheap liquor. No Ostron would be caught drinking it in public. Any offworlder who does is immediately seen as a greenhorn and an easy mark.
  • Wine: Some merchants claim to be able to imbue a bottle with the ‘etheric signature’ of a person one wishes to be rid of. Drink them in the evening, expel them by morning.
  • Ito-da (termite droppings): Mineral-dense. Will keep a traveller going long after hunger should have dropped them.

Other foods mentioned by the Ostrons are:

  • Temple flesh
  • Temple blood/kuva (possibly not a food but a medicinal ingredient)
  • Maprico
  • "squid biscuits" mentioned by Hok
  • Kuakas and possibly Condrocs (not Mergoo though; killing them is considered very bad luck)
  • All the fish you catch in the water, in addition to others called "blackfish" and "gulper"
  • Abyssal snail spawn (similar to caviar, I would guess?)
  • Vandal bark, ponda milk, and charpi (these are implied to be stimulants)

As for the Solaris, most of them consume nutrient canisters that hook in directly to their rigs (according to Legs, a normal human would not be able to consume a nutrient canister). The nutrient paste is made from, among other things, vermink (according to The Business).

  • There are also caffeine canisters that work the same way
  • For standard food (used by children who have not replaced their heads and thus can still eat food normally), there are energy bars and tins of processed fish

On Deimos, I highly doubt most people would be willing or able to digest anything found there. However, the Entrati do eat "stew" and other foods made from Infested, as well as the fungal polyps that Kaelli is so fond of.

According to both the Worm Queen and Steel Meridian crewmembers, Grineer practise cannibalism. The crewmember sees this as honouring fallen brothers, but Worm Queen often just uses it as punishment. According to Worm Queen, Grineer can be made into protein slurry, meat pies, soups, and more. Red Veil crewmembers will also hint at being cannibals. Grineer also sometimes eat burned kubrow.

Arbiters of Hexis eat bread and drink some kind of alcoholic drink called "hoffka" (presumably in addition to other kinds of food).

New Loka is involved in farming and livestock, though more details are not given.

Sisters of Parvos eat sandwiches when hungry, and drink cryotic cocktails.

Nora Night reports that the Corpus are trying to bioengineer lab-grown food, although they are currently unsuccessful.

Drusus Leverian mentions rice when talking about the farmers of Reshantur.

Martian Oasis Jellyfish is a delicacy if eaten fresh, but can also be boiled. A favourite of Baro Ki'Teer.

Lastly, Darvo once got extremely drunk on something called "Ganymede geyser water".

That's all I can think of/find right now.

8 hours ago, (XBOX)C11H22O11 said:

Infestation is food for kavats, maybe if you cook it it won't infect you

According to Cephalon Cordylon:

Due to the unique nature of Technocyte tissue there is a higher statistical probability that Infested flesh will begin to consume and assimilate organic life from within rather than be digested. This is because most organic beings do not contain the proper natural immunity to its infectious nature.

You are not the first being to question whether or not the Infested can be consumed, but documented history shows that us that Infestation is best eradicated rather than experimented with:

  • Case #324: Grineer Captain Vek Th'ow succumbs to Infestation after trying to crush an unusually small Infested Charger with his boot.
  • Case #567: A Corpus research vessel is overwhelmed with Infestation after discovering an abandoned smuggler ship containing contaminated credits. Vigorous application of antibacterial soap did not seem to have any slowing effect.
  • Case #132: A New Loka survey expedition perishes after collecting what they believed to be 'excellent-quality moss'. Their bodies were recovered, mostly consumed by Infestation. No trace of moss was evident.
  • Also see: Alad V.
8 hours ago, Tesseract7777 said:

The Ostrons drink something called Hot Chimurr, but I'm not really sure what it is supposed to be. 

As mentioned before, it's a tea made from "bomba leaves".

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10 hours ago, GrayArchon said:

Chimurr: Fill the gourd with bomba leaves, then add steaming water and imbibe through a burnished juta reed. A very old Ostron tradition. To serve it to guests signifies union and friendship.

This sounds a lot more appealing than what I originally thought it was.

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8 hours ago, kgabor said:

Early Lunch. (for Konzu)

Don't ask what that is, it's like Schrödinger's Cat and probably doesn't even exist until you see it or until DE animates it.

It's like Columbo's wife.

Lunch with Konzu mini game when? I would pay 125,000 Ostron standing to go to lunch with Konzu and learn about Ostron cuisine. 

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  • 9 months later...

Ya know, for those who are experienced with alcohol, (or general drink making off of pure guess work) anyone else wonder what making a "Cryotic Cocktail" into a real thing would use and look like?

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