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Necromancy Themed Weapons


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Create new weapons with dark, gloomy themes and mechanics. They may even be a separated weapon class, such as: Entrati guns, Infested guns, Corpus...

The focus of these new weapon types would be of what Nekros is supposed to do but at a lesser degree.


  • Weapon 1 > Nekrotyzed Tissue Reanimator: A Speargun that when throw creates an area of darkness that stuns enemies in place and reanimates anything that dies within. (every single piece of cut corpses will turn into some kind of ally). Their lifespan duration will be reduced as far as they go away from the area of darkness; these "shadow spawns" will look totally different from nekros' shadows and they will be infested melee attackers only. (just similar to the shadows  that appearrs on Chains of Harrow quest).


  • fantasy-art-weapon-fantasy-weapon-black-


  • Weapon 2 > Tormenter: A beltfed automatic shotgun loaded with "panic induced rounds" that will scatter away enemies in fear everytime you reload, holster or kill your first target with it.


 ^ I know the picture shows a pump action or semi auto but just imagine a large box with a shotgun shells belt underneath the big barrel, where the knife and feed tube is.


  • Weapon 3 > Essence Exploiter: An oversized, very powerful 6 shot revolver that will absorb souls on each kill with a maximum of 6. Secondary fire will release "soul projectiles" that deals TRUE damage.



  •  Weapon 4 > Slicer: A claw like weapon that can be thrown (secondary fire mode will throw it like a glaive) with 100% chance of dismembering what it kills. Increases damage for each dismemberment done on each thrown. Damage buff resets after each thrown, so be sure to throw it at cluster of enemies! 




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All pictures are for demonstration purposes. I do not have any rights over them. The concept idea of the guns are mine though.
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2 minutes ago, (XBOX)Nekros9528 said:

Sevagoth's gloom - Epitaph aoe slow...

Epitaph only gives a slow. Which is inherent to cold damage anyways, so that's not exactly unique. I don't think.

 Also, gloom is more than just a slow - Gloom gives lifesteal.

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Just now, (XBOX)Nekros9528 said:

You understood my point... Hopefully.

Your point is that they gave Epitaph - a weapon that came with Sevagoth - an on-impact slow, which Gloom - one of Sevagoth's abilities - also does except it's a caster-centered AoE that applies the slow regardless.

Ballistica Prime, on the other hand, is almost an exact direct copy of Nekros's Soul Punch. There is a pretty big difference there. I'm for weapons having cool effects and all, but I don't think DE has much interest on stepping on warframes' toes by giving out their abilities on weapons after Ballistica Prime 4 years ago.

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