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Ember Pyraxis Skin still broken


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I bought the Ember Pyraxis skin bundle on launch day and it was good until a Hotfix later, broke the skin and has not been fixed.

The problem with the skin is that the Shoulder and chest accessories are not showing outside the arsenal and cannot be equipped from the attachments menu.

The accessories would show up as equipped when selecting "none" from the Shoulder and chest attachments and don't appear as available to be equipped like a separate piece of armor on like they normally should.

This is an example of how it looks.

The problem has persisted almost since launch, and has not been fixed to this day that the Nidus Prime/Plague Star update was added.

The skin is still broken and now, on the attachments for the shoulders and chest, appear two "none" options as shown in this picture. When one is selected, the Pyraxis attachments show like of they are equipped and the other is the normal "none" that removes any accessories, but even when selecting the one that "equips" the Pyraxis attachments, they still disappear when you get out of the arsenal.

I would like to know if there will be something done to fix it or if not, I would like to know if I could get a plat refund for the broken skin because I'm starting to feel scammed.

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Same thing for me, and from what I've read it's also affecting many others. It's extremely disappointing that this hasn't been fixed yet, 2 months since the skin launched and even when the latest update's patch notes specifically addressed the ability to select NONE as an option for attachments on skins such as Pyraxis. I thought they would also fix this bug in the process.

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Apologies for the confusion, but we’re tracking this problem now.

Ordinarily when a skin has attachments like this, buying the skin should automatically give you the armor as well. Unfortunately when the skin was released to the Switch on July 6 2021, there was an issue in the bundle that meant players who purchased it early did not get the armor items credited to their player account.  The problem was hotfixed on Switch later, but players who had already purchased the skin before that point were not corrected. In a forthcoming update, people who fall into this category of buying the skin early and not owning the armor attachments will have the missing armor automatically added to their account.

Please keep an eye on your Update Notes for an indication of when this goes live

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