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Nidus's Larva, Parasitic Link, and maggot explosions from Ravenous don't properly inherit colors.


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This is an old bug but one that is both newly relevant and extra-noticeable with the release of Nidus Prime.

Nidus Prime's Larva uses your energy color, but nothing else -- it's always white, black, and Orokin gold with <your energy color> spots:


(Base Nidus has a similar problem, but unfortunately I can't demonstrate it because I threw my base Nidus into the Helminth, and due to a different bug, using the base Nidus skin on Nidus Prime doesn't give you the option to disable prime details.)

Parasitic Link uses your energy color for the link-strand itself, but the infested tissue that appears on both you and the target is always black and bright red.


Ravenous mostly respects energy colors, but the explosions from your maggots dying/getting stomped are always a burst of orange particles.


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