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Stuck in a Necramech


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Bug triggered pre-Plaguestar at least a couple times, but is readily apparent in Plaguestar missions. Occurs in any mission one can spawn Necramechs it appears.

This bug locks the user in the Necramech after a quick swap. (From Warframe>Operator>Necramech in this case)
Game will prompt: "Skill in Use" when trying to utilize any skills or attempting to switch back to Operator/Warframe. Game will prevent tool menu from activating. Has occurred on Railjack (Orphix missions a couple times) and a Volatile mission. Most commonly happens in Open Worlds. User may not open menus. User cannot use chat box.

Damage appears to be nullified or not displayed when this bug occurs. Aiming reticule will sometimes end up slightly off center from where shots are firing, but shortly after damage will resume displaying. Helios was actively scanning through mission, but appeared to take no damage while this bug occurred, attaching to my Necramech's position in some cases. Nekros had Desecrate active when at all possible. I had died once standing on the Boil prior to getting stuck.

In Plaguestar mission, prevented other users from leaving as extraction pulled me in my necramech to the exit, but did not allow entry into the hallway. (With a mini teleport backwards.) Shortly after running into the entryhall a few times while spamming switch button, I was able to switch to operator, but not back into Nekros. This finally allowed extraction.

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