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Helminth strengthening does not progress. / Fortalecimiento de Helmito no progresa.


Message added by [DE]Momaw,

This should be fixed as of PC hotfix 30.7.3.

If you continue to have issues with the Invigoration system, please make it clear that you have updated the game to newest version.

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Same here, all maxed out and ready to use a special invigoration on the frame I am using most for the event. Some 3 weeks worth of investing in and leveling the invigoration system planned specifically to use ONE SPECIFIC invigoration on the frame of my choice for the Plague Star event reset by plague star event update itself, apparently.  I even checked last night that everything was set up and ready to go, but I wanted to wait until the event started to get the most use out of it (full seven day's worth) for the event. <facepalm>

Since stuff like this is more than a bug IMHO (those are almost always just annoyances, like falling through the floor of the world) but it is loss of actual progress over several weeks,  maybe if we all post service tickets asking for our lost progress to be "refunded/reset" they will take it seriously.  If you had all your credits or platinum disappear for no reason I'm sure you would do the same, so why not this?

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1 hour ago, ---BigDog--- said:

DE, I'm slowly losing my pleasure in the game ...

Welcome to the overwhelming majority of veterans (and a growing percentage of newer players as well). Good to see the progress is still being tracked and that a fix is forthcoming, however.

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