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As much as everyone loves farming forma... one of these years could DE acknowledge that Plauge Star is just a god awful event from a design/gameplay standpoint and is in dire need of an update?


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Stage 1: First person to load in rushes to get the toxin, everyone else just stands around doing nothing. This is probably the least annoying stage but maybe move the toxin to absolutely any surface grineer camp? I've lost track of how often someone ended up managing to get lost in the tunnels.

Stage 2: Swatting flies while you wait for a timer to tick down and hoping that absolutely anyone else in your group will also add even a single phylaxis/catalyst, ultimately resigning yourself to either using all of yours or just taking the minimum reward. Why is this the only event in the entire game where how greedy/lazy your teammates are determines your reward? Catalysts and phylaxis should not be a thing, just standardize the #*!%ing rewards already. Of all the runs I've done today I've run into ONE other player who ever bothered to help fill by adding to the phylaxis/catalysts.

Stage 3: Everyone's favorite event, the unnecessarily long escort mission with an npc that moves slower than you! I mean seriously, has anyone ever enjoyed this kind of mission in any game in the history of gaming? Why not have the drone move at sprinting speed or at the very least move the damn thing to start closer to the boil?

Stage 4: The actual mission. The only aspect of the entire event that doesn't entirely suck, only needing any changes based on getting rid of the catalysts/phylaxies ala the complaints about stage 2.
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The 3 minute mobile defense is the part that kills me the most with Plague Star and the main reason why I decided not to even farm the new weapon in the offerings tonight. 

Getting Toxin is quick. The drone is quick with Nova or Loki. Final fights are nice and quick. The mobile defense is just putting the phylaxis/catalyst and alt tabbing for 3 minutes because finding some show on Netflix to watch is more enjoyable than staring at the wasted time ticking down.

I'll also mention the past Plague Star's I did them solo. Before anyone tries to say I'm leeching or not helping a group by alt tabbing during the mission.

However I also don't like mobile defense in general and it's the exact reason why I hate the Ambulus.

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11 minutes ago, DrivaMain said:

as long as the event still remain popular, DE won't even lay a finger on it. 

The event isn't popular, the forma is. DE could slap built forma on anything, and that makes it "popular". Or, remove forma, and watch how the majority of people who grind the event completely stop doing so. DE even acknowledged that it's forma people only care about.

What ever content ends up "popular" is heavily dictated by rewards and accessibility.

3/4 of the event consist of basically standing around doing nothing until the last part.

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