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Mephisto Syandana unrepairable


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So I've been spending a few hours playing around with colours for the new Mephisto skin and syandana for Revenant. There's a really cool fade effect on the emissive part of the syandana, where it'll use the second colour as a base and the first will overlay on top. The issue is that if you override on a slot, it'll destroy that effect all together. For testing purposes I did this on all three of my slots and now I can't get that fade effect unless I spend plat and buy more cosmetic slots or get a new Revenant. I tried everything from relogging, to overriding when there's colours off, to removing the syandana and putting it back on, to resetting everything, to using randomize. Nothing I do seems to work and I'd rather not wait for Revenant Prime to get my colours back. If there's a fix I'm not aware of please let me know, otherwise I guess this was plat kinda wasted because I'm dumb.

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