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Please normalize colors across cosmetics (or give us the ability to do it ourselves)


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This has gotten ridiculous at this point. Well it was ridiculous to begin with but you guys at DE keep repeatedly releasing cosmetics with clashing channels and the problem's continually gotten worse.

Mostly about the metallic in non metallic channels and vice versa that's been complained about literally for as long as the ability to customize colors has been in the game, but at this point it's also about things having roughly similar parts using different channels. One I've noticed is what I'd describe as recessed portions of attachments. What feels like the base of the armor that the rest is built on top of, the bottom layer or "Foundation" if you will, not the primary color, but the structure on which everything else sits. For the Mulciber, Lodestar, Ceramica, Shi, Pakal, Heartwood, and most of the prizma sets this channel is Tertiary. For Syrinx, Deadalus (non-prisma), Arca, Saturn Six, Targis prime, Avia Solstice, and the ki'teer sets this channel is primary. For Avira prime, Embolist, Galvanic, Sigma, Ocera, Umbra, and Maggor (but not the towsun variant) this channel is secondary. Its all over the place, and if you're looking at those lists and thinking "Well at least armor sets within those lists should match right?" Wrong because that's only covering one piece of a 4 part puzzle. Within those groups, other channels are mismatched, and that's to say nothing about material differences that color so differently it looks like you applied a different color entirely to one vs the other on the same channel (this is also a notable issue on modular equipment). A lot of this applies to operator cosmetics as well. In some cases maybe even far more egregious on them.

I can barely match any cosmetic to any other one not within the same set. Even within the prisma sets I'm having issues matching them with eachother. not even prime sets seem to have consistent color coordination between them. Prizma Daedalus is one of the few infuriating cases where two different materials are covered by the same channel (The chest's primary color is both matte and metallic, AND the accent channel is metallic on the arms and legs but not the chest) making it difficult to even match with itself. The Hexis, Suda, and Gazal sets follow different coloring rules from pretty much anything else in the game and are completely unmatchable with anything else.

It feels like no thought or effort has been given at all to making things that can be paired in the game actually be able to match to eachother in any way without just coloring the problematic channels black (which in some cases can be nearly all of them).

Ether all cosmetics need a serious full rearrangement of color channels and a dedicated rule set for what future cosmetics are allowed to put in what channels to prevent things from devolving into this again (I would even suggest putting it to a player vote for each and every individual piece of armor. A few dedicated players that care would absolutely love to just fill out a full list of what parts of every single armor in the game should be what channels. In fact I'm about to go into extremely arduous detail on how I would go about doing that in the next paragraph). Or literally just give players the ability to reassign color channels at will for every set (more complicated but probably less memory taxing), or color each individual cosmetic differently (more intuitive but probably a huge increase in character complexity). Or the third option of material overide. Where players can select the material shader used on that channel. This would definitely not make everything instantly match, as the aforementioned lack of channel coordination would still be in effect, and it would create some bright pink metallic monstrosities running around (not that this isn't already happening within the current confines on the game) but it would at the very least significantly open up the options of what can be paired together in an aesthetically pleasing way, and be the least memory intensive option.

AT THE VERY, ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. At least come up with a set of defining rules for all future cosmetics to follow to match with each other. Preferably ones that the majority of other cosmetics follow, so that eventually most of cosmetics in the game can be more or less matchable with each other (within reason) and the other sets that don't already follow these rules become outliers. IE: "foundation" details consistent with my description of them earlier, if applicable, are tertiary (it would make more sense as secondary but current majority of cosmetics slot this channel in tertiary so this is where it goes). "Painted" or "cloth" details are secondary. In the event of a lack of obvious foundation and/or painted details, secondary and tertiary are second and third most prominent color respectively if not in conflict with the previously established rules (IE: If there's foundation details but no obviously painted details the foundation details will be tertiary even if they are the second most prominent color, and the secondary color will be whatever color is second most prominent non-foundation color). Majority color beyond that is always primary. As for accents, if any metallic channel is present, at least one must be the accents channel. If there are multiple, whatever matches with existing sets best, and If indeterminable, then the least prominent metallic color. Any remaining metallics after one has been assigned to accents follow the previously established rules for the other channels. Otherwise the accents channel should be the least prominent color, or the empty channel on sets that have one and don't have metalics. If there is an empty channel, and there are metalics, secondary should be the empty channel if there are foundation details visually consistent with other sets (because that would have to be teritiarry), and tertiary should be the empty channel if there are not.
"overlapping" channels like tertiary and accents on the Hexis armor are absolutely unacceptable. As are "uncolorable" parts (unless they're black). They are almost never visually compatible with anything.

I understand that this is not a priority, and DE is more focused on content and bug fixes, but setting up rules to make sure future cosmetics don't continue to be self contained instances of unmatchable "customization" that can't be paired with anything else is not that much extra work, and will at least slowly mitigate this problem overtime as they release more cosmetics that conform to a more matchable criteria. In fact I practically just did that work for them. It took me about 3 hours.

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Le 09/09/2021 à 14:49, PollexMessier a dit :

"overlapping" channels like tertiary and accents on the Hexis armor are absolutely unacceptable.

Bumping this thread since I stumbled upon this "bug". Those 2 channels are overlapped, it's easily noticeable on the arm plates. And one of the channel (metallic part) can't be colored, that's why I think it's a bug.

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8 hours ago, syl42 said:

Bumping this thread since I stumbled upon this "bug". Those 2 channels are overlapped, it's easily noticeable on the arm plates. And one of the channel (metallic part) can't be colored, that's why I think it's a bug.

Definitely not a bug. This isn't the only thing that does this. DE is just horrendously bad at understanding what does and doesn't work cosmetically with color channels.
Mag's Pneuma Deluxe skin, and the Sungem railjack skin also do this. I'm sure there's plenty more examples I'm unaware of or have forgotten about. It's an intentional (poor) design decision.

There's loads of things in the game with uncontrollable parts too. Metallic and not. Base Ivara has an uncolorable white gradient, and a few of the ki'teer syandanas have some uncolorable metallic sections. Rhino's Vanguard helmet's main feature is an uncolorable grey. Not sure if it's just a matte material, or a dull metalic.

It's all over the place in the game. People have complained about it for years, and not only is DE not fixing any of the existing stuff with issues like this, they keep Releasing new things with the same issues.

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