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0% orbiter wear and tear marks bug, almost fixed


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I noticed after the last update(though it does not seem to be documented) that the orbiter wear and tear marks that you could not get rid of even if you set to 0% wear and tear in the orbiter appearance tab seems to be almost completely fixed except in one location, the ramp leading from the foundry to the nightwave console still has unchangeable wear and tear marks however those marks have also changed, from the smudges they once where before, to now the more characteristic wear and tear marks, one step away from putting the finial nail in the coffin for this one bug, good to see it, keep up the good work.

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11 minutes ago, (XBOX)Rez090 said:

Unless you've got images, you can't claim a "bug" with words alone.

i don't have my own before images and i don't know how to add in images (for after images), besides i hadn't thought pictures necessary under the assumption that most people would know of the relevant issue, my bad, however, to link another post about some of the marks we have for reference: 

in which depicts some of the wear and tear marks(grey scratch looking things) that used to be unable to be changed that now can be set to truly 0, cant seem to find anyone's snaps of the ramp from before however :/
if anyone happens to have any images of the ramp from before the "change" and or would like to add in some images of the few areas touched up by what I am calling a bug fix that would be very much apricated.

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