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Scolling down fast on Research tab in Clan UI locked game. Chat still responsive, but clicking anything - including ESC - does nothing.


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I was checking research progress in the Clan UI, and wanted to scroll down to the bottom of the research tab. I scrolled down quite fast with a mouse with a free-spin scroll wheel, and the game suddenly locked. The chat is still responsive, but clicking anything does nothing. I'm also unable to scroll either up or down on the research tab. I've tried clicking ESC, and alt-tabbing the game, and the bug remains. To fix this, I had to manually quit the game with the task manager.

To make it clear what part of the UI I'm specifically talking about, here is an image with an arrow pointing to what I scrolled down on: Imgur link (The screenshot was taken when the bug was in effect)

So in short:

  1. I went to clan UI, and pressed nothing else in it
  2. Clicked the Research tab
  3. Scrolled down quickly on the research tab with a free-spin scroll wheel
  4. The game locked mid-scroll

I went through the other bug reports, and this thread seemed to be tangentially related to my issue, however since there was no mention of the research tab, I decided that my issue might differ from the one they experienced. 

I'm playing on 2560x1440p resolution, in case that information is useful relating to UI. I was also in the Orbiter at the time that it happened.

Edit: I should mention that while the game was locked, the animations relating to the UI were still responsive. When my mouse went over the "Exit" button for example, it lit up like it was supposed to. Clicking it however, did nothing. So it wasn't like the game froze.

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